We already talked about this, but the best type of exercise you can do to slim your legs is cardio.

However, resistance training is also very important since it boosts your metabolism as well as helps tone your muscles.

It’s also important for you to watch out for which exercises you are doing, since some can grow your muscles and cause unwanted bulk.

A lot of other PTs will tell you that women just can’t gain too much muscle for their liking. That isn’t true and it’s possible to become to bulky for your liking.

This workout doesn’t have exercises like that, and the best part is that it can

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How to Complete the Circuit

  • Complete each exercise for 45 seconds without any rest
  • Do all exercises on one leg first, and then the other
  • Complete 2 rounds in total

Try This Lying Leg Workout for Women







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If you’re trying to slim and tone your legs, the best tool you can get is our Lean Legs Program 1.

This is an 8-week workout program with full length guided videos which you can follow from warmup to cooldown.

Lean Legs Program 1 is great for beginners, but if you’re looking for something more advance, then Lean Legs Program 2 is just for you.

The best part of all of our programs is that they are tailored to your body type, so you don’t risk unwanted results!

Love from Rachel and the Femme Nativa Team

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