Many people think that fat loss is as easy as eating less calories than what your body uses. While this is generally true, it is more helpful for people who are severely overweight looking to lose weight. If you want to change the shape of your body and have a lean and toned look, you need more than this. These tips will help you get maximize fat loss and get better results in the gym.


I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot already, but HIIT is a super effective method of reducing body fat. It takes about half the time compared to a normal workout, you burn lots of calories in a short amount of time, and you continue to burn calories after your workout. If you’re not doing HIIT, then you are definitely selling yourself short. Incorporate HIIT into both your weights and cardio workouts.

I have a few different HIIT workouts on my blog here and here.

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I’m not just saying this because I’m a personal trainer, but having a structured program is much more effective than just going to the gym and deciding when you get there what you are going to do. Having a program is the only way that you will be able to track your progress, plan your changes and it is also good for keeping yourself accountable.

You may plan to go to the gym or exercise 5 times in one week, but things pop up during the week and you skip a day here and there, and then before you know it, it’s the end of the week and you’ve only managed to go 3 times. If you have a program, you are less likely to skip your workouts!

If you don’t have a personal trainer, do a bit of research yourself and design your own little program. You can have a look at my full workout program here.

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Your body needs variety otherwise it will adapt to your current workouts, and you won’t progress. You may even reach a plateau. This is why you need to keep challenging yourself. You should be aiming to either lift a little heavier, do more reps, go a little bit longer, have less rest, try new exercises, etc each week, and this is why you need the program. I change up my own and my clients programs every 4 weeks, and make sure there are small improvements every week too.

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Sometimes when you get in routine, it can actually be hard to have a rest day. But rest is part of the program and you need it. If you don’t have a rest day, your body will be too fatigued and won’t have enough time to repair the muscle damage. So if you continue to workout, you won’t be able to workout at your maximum effort, you are more likely to result in injury, and you can even experience a plateau. So make sure you’re taking at least one rest day per week. If that’s still too hard, try an active recover such as going for a walk or doing yoga instead of doing nothing.

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  1. Hi Rachel I have read in some articles that flaxseed help reduce breast fat and then some articles are saying they do increase breast size and I am soooo confused. Do you know which is right? And maybe (I know this is a big ask, but) you could make a blog on how to reduce breast size? What exercise are good to tone your breast etc. thank you

    1. Hi lovely,

      thanks for reaching out! <3

      As for the flaxseeds, I have never heard about either or. However, flaxseeds are super healthy! They are loaded with Omega-3 Fats, fiber, magnesium, protein, and many more! <3 They're great to be added to your diet :) For reducing your breast size, the best way is to lose overall body weight.

      I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions! xx


  2. Hi rachel I know that you can’t spot reduce target areas but what are the best exercises that target breast tissue because I would really like to reduce my breast weight too. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi lovely,

      Thanks for reaching out :)

      Since breast tissue is largely made up of fatty materials, losing body fat is the best way to reduce their size. If you are already on your way of losing some weight, your breast will probably decrease as well.

      I hope this helps!


  3. I can’t stick my clean diet since I don’t earn I have to eat whatever my family is eating and I’m struggling to get y waist smaller and get wide hips what should I do rachael

    1. Hi hun, aww I’m sorry to hear this! Just try to do the best you can :) Ask your mum to cook some type of green vegetable for dinner (if you can), and try to eat fruit, vegetables and protein whenever you have the opportunity. The main thing to remember is to minimize sugar and try not to overeat. I hope that helps! xx

  4. Hi Rachael, I hope you can see this! I’m a typical ectomorph and have recently started strength training for muscle definition. My problem is, although my body fat % is low (around 15%) I have stubborn excess fat in my calves. I’m afraid to do cardio as I don’t want my body fat dropping any further (amenorrhoea and all that) but at the same time how can I get this stubborn fat to budge? Will calf raises with weights help? And if so, how heavy do you recommend? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Chrissie, Rachael here. That’s a tough one. You can’t really spot reduce from your calves, and doing weights will help them look more toned and defined but won’t reduce the fat here. I think your best bet would be to do power walking x

  5. Hi :) It’s me again !
    Thank you for your fast reply ^^
    I’ll try to do HIIT just like you said, but in order to have a slim body and not big muscles, should I do long streching at the end of my workout ?
    That’s bad for my breasts x) but thank you for being honest. I thought it was possible to keep them quite well by doing exercise as I’ve already seen skinny women with nice breasts, not too small as well, and they regularly did sport.
    By the way, when we have some fat on the face, even if we have a normal weight, does it mean that we have to lose kgs ?
    Thanks again for your help :D

  6. Hey :)
    You definitely have a nice body so congratulations for your hard work !
    I wanted to ask you how you can lose weight without loosing your breast … ^^’

    1. Hi Claire, Rachael here. Thank you very much :) Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about losing your breasts as they are made up mostly of fat. Sorry :(

  7. What do you think about breakfast smoothies with unsweetened almond milk, berries and banana? I’m scared because they all seem too high in sugar.

    1. Hi Siya, Rachael here. I think that sounds fine :) Bananas do have a lot of carbs in them (and sugar) but it’s OK to have in the morning. Maybe try having more berries and less banana or just having banana in your smoothies a few times per week or only after your morning workouts x

  8. Hi Rachael !
    Thank you for all your advice, it’s really interesting :)
    Actually, I’m doing regularly cardio (3 times a week and for less than 1 hour) because I don’t really like jogging, and as a vegetarian, I eat quite healthy (well, I’m 17, so when I’m hungry, it’s hard just not to eat, especially sweet food !). But still, I’m not satisfied with my body … I’m quite short and so, I’d love to have slim legs. I don’t know how to slim my big hips and the top of my thighs. Last year, I lost about 4 kg which is not that much but yet, I also lost a bra cup ><
    Could you give me advice to solve my problems please ?

    Thanks, bye !

    1. Hi Claire, Rachael here. Congratulations on losing 4kgs – I think that’s great! :) Try doing some HIIT / weight training as it will definitely help you with slimming down your hips (provided it’s fat and not the bone structure) and will help with your legs. Also check out my how to get skinny legs blog series which has lots of information! :) x

  9. Hey Rachael,

    I eat healthy, I exercise but lately , I am noticeing small areas of fat. I am looking to tone up. Lately i am hearing the term skinny fat. Need to tone , thighs, stomach, hips, lower back.

    Which program is for me?

    Thanks ,


    1. Hi Ro, Rachael here. Do you do any type of weight training? Do you mean which of my ebooks is for you, or a type of exercise program? x

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