I interviewed the beautiful Cayley Scrooby to see how she eats and trains to stay in amazing shape! Cayley is a young model who has some great advice for other young girls and women who care about their fitness and health. Read on to find out these model workout and diet tips by Cayley Scrooby.model workout and diet tips by cayley scrooby

Name: Cayley 

Age: 19

Location: currently the Gold Coast

Instagram: @cayley.s

What type of exercise do you do? Do you have any favourite workouts or gyms?

I am mainly focusing on boxing with my trainer Raido at his gym ‘Fighters Haven’ right now. Each day is something different, which is exactly what I like as I can become bored easily.

Raido definitely keeps me on my toes (literally) and pushes me to my absolute limit!

I find that having a trainer almost takes the pressure off by knowing that you are able to simply show up to a session, listen to your trainer and just get it done.

Time also seems to go quicker, especially in boxing. I love to feel a ‘burn’ in the gym and know that I am pushing myself hard, otherwise, I don’t feel that I am achieving much.

How many times per week do you workout?

At the moment, I try to do 4/5 times a week of boxing as well as my daily walk or John Benton Fitness work out.

John Benton Fitness is a model trainer over in the U.S who helps models in particular to upkeep their lean physique or slim down their measurements if need be.

Most people in the fitness industry don’t necessarily understand how to train ‘models’ as for the strict requirements on measurement.

model workout and diet tips by cayley scrooby

Being a model, I’m sure you need to be in shape all year round. But if you ever have to be in a bikini or lingerie for a shoot, do you do anything special before to look your best?

I definitely increase my water to keep my skin clear and ‘glowing’. Steam and infrared saunas are great for this too and can also reduce any inflammation and flush out any toxins.

However, diet is the most important aspect! I try to ensure that I am eating super clean before any big jobs.

model workout and diet tips by cayley scrooby

What does your average day on a plate look like? Do you stick to any particular diet?

I eat a ‘paleo’ diet mainly because of my gluten and lactose intolerance.

Also, I have seen a HUGE shift in my health after sticking to my ‘diet’ as my body craves this lifestyle. I automatically feel ill whenever I eat anything different.

I am simply allergic to foods with gluten and dairy.

Do you ever have cheat meals? If so, what’s your favourite food to indulge in?

I definitely consider my eating patterns a ‘lifestyle’ rather than a diet as such.

I don’t usually have ‘cheat’ meals in the essence of having foods that I am intolerant to.

However, these days we have so many alternatives for dairy and gluten that I am still able to eat what I like. I can have anything that anyone else can eat, just with dairy/gluten free substitutes!

If I were having something particularly naughty though it would most definitely be chocolate or pasta.

model workout and diet tips by cayley scrooby

How do you stay motivated to workout and eat healthy?

Well, since I have the intolerances that I do, I physically feel pain when I eat any form of dairy or gluten (sometimes even grains in general).

In a weird way, it gives me an advantage in my career, as I don’t have any temptation to veer away from my diet. I literally cannot eat those foods at all, even if I wanted to!

The health benefits are insane too. I rarely fall ill as my immune system is so super strong and my energy levels have made me a completely different person!

I couldn’t imagine not eating the way I do simply because I love the way my diet and lifestyle makes me feel.

model workout and diet tips by cayley scrooby

What’s your number 1 fitness tip for other young women out there?

I actually cannot stress this one enough. LISTEN to YOUR body and do what feels right for YOU!! Do NOT follow along with some trend because your favourite model/celebrity/friend/influencer/magazine or whatever has told you to.

At the end of the day, we are all different and some diets may even do you more harm than good.

If you are interested in nutrition and health or just simply are feeling stuck with what’s going on with your body then I definitely suggest reading The Blood Type Diet by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo (or taking a look at getting a food intolerance test).

With working out, again I suggest the same thing. Do what feels right for you!

So, those were model workout and diet tips by Cayley Scrooby. If you want to see more of her fitness and health routine, you can follow her on Instagram.

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