This is what my diet currently looks like. My diet changes all the time, and I have days where I eat better than others (I’m only human after all). I don’t count calories or macros religiously because I have done that in the past and know how many calories I should be eating for my body type and activity level.


This is very specific to the individual person and depends on a range of factors including gender, age, height, weight and activity level. I have written a blog post on how to work out your ideal calorie intake with calculations, so this should help you get a good idea on how much food you should be eating.

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I have created this meal plan myself. It has been tailored to suit me specifically, so will not be for everyone. But you can definitely use it as a guide. For more ideas, check out my blog post on meal timing and sample daily meal plan. I have also done a post on exactly what I ate for 1 week to give you a better idea.

OK so this is what a typical day currently looks like for me:

MealDay 1Day 2
Breakfast (post workout)Protein smoothie made from 1 scoop protein, Β½ banana, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp natural peanut butterOmelette made from 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, bacon, spinach, mushrooms and olives (sometimes I add other vegetables)
Snack1 cup carrot and celery sticks with 2 tbsp natural almond butter1 apple and 2 tbsp natural peanut butter
LunchPaleo moussaka (made with beef)Homemade chicken, vegetable and lentil soup
DinnerThai beef saladChicken cashew sir fry with cauliflower rice

I eat quite similar foods on a daily basis as I find this helps me to stay on track and it’s easier when it comes to food preparation. You’ll also notice that I don’t have many snacks and this is because my meals are quite large, so I don’t need them. I try to stick to 3 main meals and 1 snack because this is what works for me, and stops me from overeating.

I’m currently eating around 1700 calories and trying to stick to lower carb, however I do treat myself when I want to, and don’t count calories religiously. The main difference between this nutrition plan and my previous one, is that this one contains a lot more fiber.

I eat least 26g of fiber per day, if not more. You should be aiming for 15g of fiber per 1000 calories. But when you are eating low carb, it is harder to hit your recommended fiber intake. This is why the majority of your carbs should come from fruit and vegetables. My main issue with not having enough fiber, was that I was feeling hungry all the time. Once I increased my fiber intake, I actually noticed a significant difference in hunger, which I’m super happy about :)

muscle toning

If you’re interested in clean eating and a lower carb meal plan, I have a free 7 Day Slim Down meal plan that you can download :) xx

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Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

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  1. Hi Rachael, thanks for all your diet and exercise tips, your diet tips have really helped me because they are simple and easy to follow, I try hard to eat clean but never quite make it because I snack at night, I won’t give up and will keep trying to get off sugary snacks, popcorn may be the go 😁. Thanks again, you look terrific by the way πŸ‘ A

    1. Hi lovely,

      We’re so glad to know that Rachael was able to inspire you in improving your diet. Making changes to your lifestyle and achieving your goals will require a lot of hard work and discipline but you’ll definitely reap the rewards in the future. :)

      We wish you all the best on your fitness journey. <3

    1. Hi lovely,
      Thanks for reaching out! :)
      In order to calculate your ideal protein intake for fat loss, you first need to calculate your ideal calorie intake. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can learn how in this blog post.
      After you figure out your ideal calorie intake – you’ll be able to figure out how much protein you should eat in order to lose weight. You can learn how to do it in this blog post.
      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! xx

  2. Hello Rachel
    Coming from a big family of 7 where food is just there, I am having a lot of trouble on how to lose weight. I am sick of people telling me i’m skinny when i’m not and i want to just be healthy and toned so that i look good in swimsuits etc. I am 62kgs, 1.62ms tall…I am 17 in a month but always have a struggle with motivation for exercise and eating. We usually eat a roast meal at night. i take tuna for lunch a lot, and try and fill up on fruits. but what puts me down is coming home from school and hogging on food. My arms really depress me, and my thighs and my tummy isn’t flat (although it used to be). Would you please be able to help me? [sorry about the essay :) ]
    Thanks a lot,

    1. Hi V, I think you have already pinpointed the issue ;) It’s better to try and eat more in the day so that you don’t feel like eating lots and lots of food when you get home from school. Even take a little treat (like something sweet) to school so you don’t feel like you need to it when you get home. Also remember that you are still quite young so your body will continue to change as you get older (mine did for the better!). Work on your diet hun and try to get in some light exercises (walking is great!). Good luck xx

  3. Hi Rachael

    Just wondering you said earlier that it is unhealthy to cut out food groups and you need all to include all of the food groups yet you don’t have any carbs or dairy in your diet. Just wondering why you have chosen to do that ?

    1. Hi Carrie, the reason I wasn’t eating them here is because I had some serious gut health issues and couldn’t eat gluten or dairy. I should have mentioned this sorry! I was still eating carbs but mostly from fruit and starchy vegetables. I can finally eat dairy now after 4 years of intolerance but still working on gluten. I still eat dairy in moderation though – when I cut it out, my bad cholesterol dropped massively which is interesting! xx

  4. Hi Rachael, I absoutly love your blog it’s so helpful! I’m really keen to start doing fasted cardio power walks but find it hard to get motivated in the morning. Would it effect my weight loss results if I have either a black coffee or coffee with a dash of almond milk? Thanks so much :) xx

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  6. Also, would I select the flat stomach ebook to get your main workouts and nutrition guides? I’m not concerned about my legs, they’re always pretty toned.

  7. Thanks! I’m interested in your program but am curious if you give specific macros. I’ve been using MFP and really liking it, but would like to make sure i’m doing it right and just read your macro post in your blog, so a little confused about how that works with your ebook. Also, are your workouts cardio and weight based using a gym? Or are they something else?

    1. Hi Ama, yes I give specific macros in all of my ebooks. Each of the body types have different ideal macros so that is what each ebook is tailored to. All workouts can be done both at a gym or at home :) xx

      1. Thanks! Sorry for all the questions, but just trying to understand what I’m signing up for. Do you give calorie goals, etc based on my information so I could use the MFP app?

        1. No worries hun! Yes I give you calorie and macro goals so you can track yourself :) It is not designed for a vegetarian, but you could swap out the meat / chicken for fish or alternative forms such as beans, tofu, etc. Also, yes the flat stomach ebook would be the best for my main workout and nutrition guides and would definitely suit you best! xx

  8. Hi Rachael

    I’m currently on a 1000-1200 calories diet, trying to eat clean but I’m an exchange student and it’s hard to request for raw clean food at home. I always try to eat healthy but on Friday to Sunday I would have a binge on sugar because I love sweet stuff and it is so hard to quit. I’m on Kayla’s BBG 1.0 but because of my crappy diet and sugar addiction, I don’t get the expected results, should I decrease my calorie diet even more or exercise even harder plus healthier diet? Btw, I’m 17, 5″2 and 48kg. Thank you xx

    1. Hi Chloe, Rachael here. 1000-1200 calories is already very low so definitely don’t go any lower than this. If anything, I would increase slightly by eating more fruit and vegetables. You have already identified your problem which is binge eating sugary foods on the weekend. This is definitely hindering your results so if you can minimise this, you will get the results I promise! :) xx

  9. Hi Rachael,

    I’m on week 7 of your endomorph program and really loving it – I feel like I’m really gaining strength (especially in my upper body!) and toning up (I’m anna_primrose on Instagram).

    I would still like to get leaner though and being vegetarian I really struggle to get my protein up and keep carbs low since many vegetarian sources of protein are also high-carb or high fat. I track my calories and hit 1700 each day, buring around 2000-2300 (according to my HRM and fitbit) each day so I’m definitely in a deficit, but not seeing any weight/fat loss. I’m pretty sure the high carbs in my diet are to blame, but at a loss how to cut them down. Things I eat regularly include Greek yoghurt with a banana, some strawberries and dark chocolate, brown rice and veggie curry, baked tofu with veggies and sweet potato or quinoa, scrambled eggs with asparagus, protein pancakes etc. But my protein still hovers around 12% and carbs around 50% (200g).

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on nutrition for vegetarians (I know I get enough protein for my health, but the right balance for weight loss… I’m not so sure) in your next post, and of course any advice at all you can give on my particular case and if I’m getting my diet wrong or just need to be more patient would be great!

  10. Hi Rachael,

    My current goal is to lean up my body like you have stated above, so its so helpful to see your daily diet including how much to have with portion sizes.
    I was just curious if you drink coffee? I usually only have mine black or have it with almond milk and one per day if that or three for a whole week.
    I find there is so many different opinions on whether or not it should be in particular diets, but seeing as my goal is to lean myself out, i wasnt sure if you think it should be avoided all together or that its ok?


  11. Hi Rachael!

    First of all, Thank you for your endomorph guide. Before reading it I couldn’t understand why I was not able to lose weight more importantly fat. Because cellulite and fat like my body too much and being a college student does not really help :) I’m 23, weight 61kg for 1m67. I used to weigh 55kg and I felt really good in my body but my intolerances came and I become to be lost about how to eat enough for my body without having too much cellulite. I’m pescarian since a long time now but also unfortunately, gluten and lactose free it’s really hard for me but my body can’t handle it.

    I have some questions which I hope won’t bother you. So here is my question, how can I replace the wheat and yogurt that you have in your meal plan? I thought of quinoa for the wheat and some gluten free oatmeal for the morning but is it good? Are there any others products that I can use instead? Also, at the cafeteria they don’t have eggs or fish everytime so I was thinking of changing my protein intake with chickpeas or others veggies rich in proteins along with soy and flaxmilk will do the same that eating meat and poultry?

    Sorry for my long text!

    I’m starting your guide today and so happy to do it!

  12. There is no fruit in your daily menu. Is it because fruits will make us fat or you just dont eat it everyday? I eat 3-4 servings of fruits a day because i just love them. Will it be Ok when i try to lose 3 kg and body fat?

    1. Fruit will definitely not make you fat. Fruit contain a fair amount of carbs and because I’m eating low carb at the moment, I am avoiding fruit. However, I don’t avoid them all the time. I will slowly start reintroducing them back into my diet. I would recommend to stick to 2 serves of fruit due to the carbs / sugar content xx

  13. Hi Rachael,

    I’m a little confused when the best time is to eat carbs (morning/midday/night) I have been told all different answers from numerous people each time i ask.
    Including my own personal trainer and comparing to my sisters, who’s are both different..
    As i am unable to train in the mornings, i only train in the afternoons.
    Is it best to be eating carbs before during the day to fuel my workouts or afterwards?


    1. Hi Claudia,
      Well from my research, the best time to eat carbs is in the morning, or directly after a workout. My suggestion would be to have some carbs in the morning, and straight after your afternoon workout (i.e. within 1 hour) x

  14. Hi Rachael!
    I noticed your breakfast included is ‘post-workout’, but I was just wondering if you eat anything prior to your workouts? Or if you eat the same sort of breakfast on the day(s) you don’t workout/don’t workout in the morning :)
    Also, I’m 17, 169cm tall and weigh around 57kg, I’ve really been focusing more on resistance training in the gym for the past 1-2 months with the aim to improve my overall body tone, as well as starting to incorporate a session of HIIT at least once a week, but I too am struggling to notice any differences in body fat percentage. I’ve been working on overcoming an eating habit i’ve developed over the past year where I tend to pick at lots of foods, mainly because I’m afraid to eat larger portions of a certain food/meal (but sometimes I pick little bits so much anyway that it ends up becoming a big meal instead and I easily lose track of how much I’ve eaten). It really damages my self esteem a lot, then I feel like I have to exercise even more to compensate (mainly more cardio). Obviously this is most likely the main issue as to why I’m not seeing noticeable changes in loss of body fat and overall tone.
    I was thinking of building a diet plan to stick to based on what you have posted, but wondering if you had any other advice on how to help me break these habits.
    I’ve been feeling really stuck on this and have been struggling for a while xxx

    1. Hi Rachael,
      I forgot to add that I exercise almost everyday, alternating between resistance and cardio, and prefer to eat healthy foods the majority of the time.
      Thanks, Carri

      1. Hi Carri,
        To answer your first question, I don’t eat before I workout. While I know this is bad, I just can’t stomach food right before a workout otherwise I’ll be sick, and I tend to go to the gym first thing in the morning. If you can though, I would highly recommend eating before you train. I eat the same breakfast (and diet) regardless of whether I workout or not. But I try to workout 6 times per week.
        Resistance training will really help you with improving body tone and also helping you lose weight. But if you’ve got excess weight or body fat to lose, you really need to do some cardio as well, as cardio burns a lot more calories. Otherwise, make your resistance training sessions really high intensity (i.e. little rest, incorporate some plyo exercises or sprinting in between).
        The main way you will notice a difference in your body is through your diet and it seems like you’ve already identified your issue. Having a diet plan is good as it helps you understand how much food you should be eating for your body. It might be scary to put a whole lot of food on a plate but at least you can see how much you’re eating and it will help keep you more accountable. Try to sit down at the table with your whole plate of food for every main meal. Also keeping a food diary will help you keep track.
        All the best hun xx

  15. i mconfused abt the calories intake Do I need to reach the goal every excercising day or if a little less would b ok

    1. Hi Paula,
      The calculations are based on eating the same thing every day, provided you exercise at the amount you say you will (in the calculations). So you eat the same thing on workout and rest days x

  16. Hi Rachael, after reading through the comments under this post I’ve got myself worried that I’m putting my own body into a starvation mode so it’s storing fat and maybe that’s why i’m not losing fat and maybe I’ve damaged my metabolism with not enough carbs?!? I try to eat healthy but the truth is i’m so lost. I’m 16, I weigh 58 and i’m 168 cm tall, my main issue is my stomach which just has a stubborn fat layer that makes my tummy look big because I have small boobs and a small bum): I want to build a bum but im struggling with that too. pretty sure If I eat a 500 calorie deficit I should eat 1700 calories ish but I don’t count because it’s too difficult for me because i don’t know what im doing. i’m scared about eating carbs and eating too much, I just bought a whey powder supplement with 24g protein per 32g which i’m starting and I’m starting my second round of kayla itsines bikini body guide after seeing very little results. I do at least 30 minutes around 6 times a week plus 3km or 5km runs some days and interval training once a week. and I’ve been working on my body for over half the year now by doing circuit trainings at school as well. Sorry this is a really long message but please help if you can i’m so stuck ):

    1. Hi Candace,
      It sounds like you’re doing lots of exercise. If you haven’t seen any results it is 99% likely related to your diet. No need to count calories at the moment. I would just try to focus on eating healthy foods / cut out junk food and watch your portion sizes / don’t eat when you’re not hungry. If you currently don’t eat many carbs, don’t just start eating lots of carbs as you will gain weight. SLOWLY start increasing the amount of carbs you are eating. I hope that helps you xx

  17. Hey – would totally love a macronurients post. I suspect I may be undereating as I eat really clean and train hard 6 days /week but have plateaued and am usually about 2kgs lighter when training hard and eating well

  18. Hi,
    I am trying to lose some weight and fat. I started dieting two months ago and exercising 2 weeks ago. i have seen a difference, lost 3 kgs so far. But now im stuck on the same weight for 3 weeks now, i eat between 1200-1500 calories per day. What can i possibly do??

    1. Hi Joe, congratulations on starting you weight loss journey! Have you read my blog post about losing the last few kilos? Here’s the link. It sounds like you might need to start mixing up your training a little bit. What type of exercise do you do? x

  19. Thankyou for making this blog! Its really informative and helpfu . I know this is a really old post and I’m late but a reply would be highly appreciated.

  20. Hello Rachael,

    I came across your Instagram wheni was looking for motivation and you have certainly motivated me! I have been using the gym regularly for about 4 months and have seen that I have lost weight,however over the past month I feel as if I’m not getting the most out of my gym sessions and not seeing improvements as much.
    Is there anyway I could email you for some help.

    I love this blog!
    Thank you!!!

  21. you are amazing for posting this ! i hope you never stop offering advice because i am a big fit fanatic and since i came up to college upstate , ive been slacking and its really hard staying on track with with both cardio
    (insanity program) and weight lifting ! you’ve showed me to switch it up and to keep pushing yourself and that sounds grea! t my plan is to do cardio monday, wednesday ,thursday and friday and weight lift tuesday , friday saturday and sunday… hopefully this will keep me on track ! also do you include cheat meals so ramp up your metabolism ? I want to get lean fast like i was , so im doing a 800 calorie diet of course counting my carb intake and fat intake … i usually do 0-50 carbs sunday-tuesday 300 carbs on wednesday and 0-50 carbs thursday-saturday and have a cheat meal … sorry to blast you with this but you are a great motivator and i just wanted to see what you thought ! thank you !!

    1. Thank you so much! I have included a blog post on cheat meals (post number 3) so have a look at that. I have modified it slightly since doing that post so I will update it soon. But the short answer is yes I do have cheat meals / high carb days to help with metabolism and hunger. My opinion on your calorie intake is that it is far too low, especially because you are exercising so intensely. I am doing a blog post tomorrow on how to calculate your calorie intake so have a look at that. Also, you should have at least one rest day per week, so maybe cut out one of your weight sessions (for example Saturday or Sunday?). I think eating a little more and having a rest day will definitely help! I’m glad I can help motivate you hun. Thanks for your kind words. All the best with your journey xx

  22. Hey Rachael, I have calculated the macronutrients that I need everyday, but I can’t follow the values! The calculation says that I need 150g carbs, 60g pro, and 33g fats, but I’m afraid of ingesting so much carbs, because, when I eat less of them, I usually lose weight and I become thinner.
    Today is the first day that I’ve decided to put into practice this values, but I’ve took in 120,59g carbs, 86,675g pro and 10,575g fats.
    I’m afraid that I have took in too much proteins, but now I don’t know how to regulate my diet, it’s so complicated :(
    I wait for your response, it’s so urgent!

    1. Hi Giulia,
      You NEED carbs to function properly but if you have been surviving on a low carb diet for a long period of time then you may have damaged your metabolism. This means that as soon as you do start increasing carbs you’ll put on weight. If this is the case, I would start by increasing carbs into your diet slowly. 150g is still quite low and may seem like a bit of a shock when you put it all down on paper but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to eat 150g of carbs! If you don’t stick to your macros 100% all the time, don’t freak out! I do this too and it’s fine. Your protein intake was not too high so I wouldn’t let that worry you too much! You’re on the right track so keep it up babe! x

  23. Hi Rachael,

    Thank you very much for ALL of your articles! Very informative and easy to understand. Over the past 5 years I have lost 40kgs which I am extremely happy with! However, I have now hit a point where cutting processed foods and general exercise have done all they can and feel like I need to be more specific with my nutrition and physical exercise in order to get the ‘lean-ness’ I desire. Could I possibly email you and ask you a few questions? Thanks :)

  24. Hi Rachel,

    What do you eat for pre-workout?
    I also workout in the morning (very early) and find it difficult to eat the right proportions (fat, carb and protein), as I wake up and go to the gym in less than 30 minutes.
    I usualy have a piece of sweetpotato, but I know it lacks protein and fat….
    What do you suggest?

    Thank you and congratulations for your great work.

    1. Hi Monica,
      I am actually terrible and I don’t eat before the gym as I go as soon as I wake up and I can’t stomach food before I workout (unless I give it 2 hours to digest). I know this is bad and something I’m trying to fix. If you can stomach yoghurt with some berries/banana, it would be an ideal pre-workout snack. If you can’t have dairy before a workout (I definitely can’t), then a banana with some natural peanut butter would be great too! x

  25. Hi Rachael!

    I have been following your instagram for a period of time as your posts are so motivating! I had started weight training since July with personal trainer but I quit after mid of August as I need to study aboard. These two months I have been exploring more and eating healthy all the day. (Maybe 2-3 cheat meals only for whole 2 months) However, I do not quite realize I have any fat loss and I have read lots of post talking not to starve yourself at any time. If I have to create calories deficit for fat loss, how should I plan for my meal without starving?

    Thanks a lot. :)

    1. Hi Yoni, that’s a great question! You only need to be at a SLIGHT calorie deficit to see fat loss results. So it’s really about working out what that level is for you and how many calories your body needs. I have been experimenting a little with my diet and what I have found that works really well for me is eating at a calorie deficit Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, then increasing my calories and carbs on Wednesday, going back to a deficit for Thursday and Friday and increasing my calories and carbs plus a cheat meal on Saturday. The higher calories on Wednesday and Saturday help to keep your body full so you’re as hungry in the deficit days and keep your body guessing so it doesn’t go into starvation mode and store fat. But overall, your weekly calorie intake is still at a slight deficit. I hope all of that makes sense. It turned into a novel! :) x

  26. Hi Rachael!

    Thanks for the great post :) I remember you telling me about your daily eating habits when I emailed you a while back but reading over this post it’s made me think of a question that I never asked!
    With using My Fitness Pal, I know that you can log how many calories you burn through exercise and then the amount of cals you’ve burnt, it adds back onto how many cals you have left to eat for the day to reach your daily requirement whether that be for weight loss, maintenance etc.
    I was just wondering whether or not you log your exercise into MFP and then therefore eat more calories to ensure you’re reaching your daily requirements or, is the 1900 cal that you try and reach already from logging the amount of calories burnt through exercise (if that makes sense)?
    Or otherwise, do you just normally burn around the same amount of calories each time you work-out so you’ve already adjusted your daily calories to account for this and therefore don’t need to log it in MFP?
    Hope that makes sense and sorry for the novel! x

    1. Hi Belinda! Great question and something I didn’t cover. I try to eat 1900 calories regardless of whether or not I exercise on that day or how many calories I burn. I typically burn a lot more calories doing cardio compared to weights but my eating plan takes that into account, which is why my calorie intake might seem quite high (trying to make it higher!). I find that myfitnesspal is not very accurate when it comes to exercise. For example I put in that I did a 45 minute cycle class and it gave me the number of calories I burned. But when I used my heart rate monitor I actually burned twice as many calories compared to what it said in myfitnesspal. I hope all of that makes sense and that I have answered your questions! x

  27. Hello! Great post. I really like your blog. I was wondering that maybe if you use “myfitnespal” you could share your username with us so we can add you and take a look to your food diary sometimes ;) that would be great!


    1. Hi Paola,

      Thank you for your comment! And I can understand just fine :) I do use myfitnesspal sometimes to check the nutritional content of certain foods, but I rarely put in a full day’s worth of eating into the app as I have my own method for tracking calories and macronutrients. This is a really great idea though and something I may look into doing in the future! I will describe in more detail in my next post how I use myfitnesspal and how I calculate my calories and macronutrients :) x

  28. I am definately interested in a post like that :-) The more rachael the merrier.
    I think so many people really do get upset and laugh about people counting calories, really annoying in my opinion – because they don’t know better or respect that we actually are trying to set a goal for ourselves and counting calories is a really good thing to know.
    I stopped counting calories, but it is basially because I stick to the same type of food now, and whenever I find something new to eat that I feel like putting in my diet in the future I check the internet to see what the nutritional info is. And ALWAYS, when I buy yoghurt or something I check to see how much sugar it is in it – because most of the yoghurts and other products out there contain a lot more then you think!
    Sometimes I feel ashamed about telling other people that they are actually eating a yoghurt with 20% sugar, just mentioning it because I think its bad…and im ashamed because I know they love this type of food and I dont want to ruin it for them :/

    1. You shouldn’t feel ashamed hun! But I definitely understand. Sometimes people do not understand other people’s reasons for counting calories and macronutrients which is why I have explained my reasons in this post. The one great thing about counting both of them is that I now have a really great understanding of the calorie and nutritional content of pretty much every food! And I’m sure you’re now the same! :) It’s a great way to educate yourself and make better food choices. It sounds like you’re doing really well so I’d just stick to what you’re doing! And if people ask for your help/opinion when it comes to food, help them out :) xx

  29. Hi, great post! I’m interested to know who you seek your dietary advice from to work out your requirements- a dietician or a nutritionist? I’m 5ft9, 61.5kg and 30 yrs old but looking to reduce my bod fat and tone up. What would do you suggest? Would also love more info on macro calculations.

    1. Hi Kat,

      Thank you! I will be sure to include information on macro calculations in my next blog post. In terms of speaking to somebody and providing you with suggestions, perhaps send me a direct message on Facebook or instagram and I can provide you with further information from there! x

  30. Hi, I was wondering what you use to calculate your macronutrients and track them? Is there an app that you use to make this easier? Thank you!

    1. Hi Colie,

      I will write all of this detail in my next blog post :) However, yes I do use the app “myfitnesspal” to help calculate some of my macros. I also track them myself using excel

  31. Hi, informative as usual. Thanks :-) Yes, would love more details about macro calculations in your next post. Looking forward to it.

  32. Hi Rachael,

    Thank you for your post. I have recently started following you on Instagram and you are a big inspiration for my own health and fitness goals. I am currently studying a cert IV in personal training however, nutrition is something I am learning on my own through my own research. I was just wondering, in order to work out what calorie and macronutrient breakdown works best for you, did you speak to a professional or was it through trial and error? If you did speak to someone are you able to say who you sought advice from or recommend someone? Again, thank you for all the information you provide through your blog. You look fantastic!

    1. Hi Elle,

      Thank you for comment! I hope all is going well with you cert IV. At the start I learnt through trial and error, which was important in knowing what works best for my body. However more recently I have spoken to somebody about it. If you send me a direct message on instagram or Facebook I can put you onto him :) x

  33. Hi there,
    I am writing to say a huge thank you for being such an inspiration. I have recently recovered from anorexia (fully recovered now) but after being so out of touch with normal nutrition, I find myself fairly lost!!
    I exercise everyday and eat healthy but would love to know what I should be taking in and more about the macro side of it!
    I am 19 years, 168cm and 53.2kg.. Ay advice I would love!
    Keep shining,

    1. Thanks for your comment Kittyalice! :) Congratulations on beating anorexia, that is an amazing thing to do! I would be happy to provide you with some advice. Perhaps send me a direct message on Facebook or instagram and we can chat from there x

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