Natalie Roser is an Australian model who currently lives in LA. You might have seen her in campaigns for Speedo or Just Jeans, or even in Miami Swim Week.

She looks absolutely amazing and I have always been impressed with her abs! So I was really curious to learn how she trains and especially curious about her diet.(As you guys probably know, you can’t really have abs on a crappy diet!.)

Let’s take a look at Natalie Roser’s diet and workout routine! 

natalie roser diet and workout routine


Natalie is a vegetarian but tries to eat vegan whenever she can. She also likes to follow the alkaline diet and be gluten free.

If you’ve never heard of the alkaline diet before, you can read in detail about it here. But to give you a quick summary, the diet focuses on eating whole and unprocessed foods that keep the pH levels in your body regular.

Here’s a more specific look at Natalie Roser’s diet, meal by meal.


Natalie loves smoothies for breakfast. Her usual go-to breakfast smoothie consists of frozen blueberries, banana, almond milk, chia seeds and cacao. She also adds a protein powder to her smoothie to make sure she gets enough protein in her daily diet.

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I’m a morning person when breakfast is this good ???

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Natalies’s lunch is quite simple and she thinks of it as a second breakfast. 

When she used to live in Melbourne, she would often grab something light from the Spud Bar, like oven baked potato with baby spinach, tomato, corn, carrot, peas & hummus. 

But now she’s more likely to make her own meal. One of her go to meals is brown rice, tomatoes and spinach with a dash of soy sauce for added flavour.


Dinner is pretty much Natalie’s main meal of the day. And one of her favourite meals to make is chickpea pasta. She makes the pasta with a coconut cream sauce and lots of veggies, so she feels full after eating. And she also likes making alkaline sweet potato and coconut curry.


There are plenty of snacks in Natalie’s diet. She snacks on fruit and nuts throughout the day to keep her energy levels up.

Natalie likes to post some of her favourite snacks on her Instagram. I saw a recipe for alkaline chocolate chip cookies which I think I’m going to have to try sometime soon as they look delicious!

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Natalie loves pizza, and really looks forward to pizza night every week. But if she’s had a big weekend and strayed off her usual diet, she’ll be back at the gym on Monday and eating clean again.


Natalie’s workout routine is quite versatile! In an interview with Grazia, she said, “I do a lot of different things, I don’t like to stick to one type of exercise because this way my body responds better and doesn’t get used to just running or just a Pilates class.”

And that’s definitely something that I encourage too, as mixing things up keeps it interesting and you’ll have less chance of getting bored with your workouts, or experiencing a plateau.

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It is a 5-day full-length video course that includes my combined knowledge on how the most gorgeous woman in the world train their body to get lean and toned!

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On her more active days, Natalie goes to the gym and does HIIT and weight circuits. Her HIIT workouts include lunges, burpees, squats and skipping, and she’ll do bursts of 1 minute and then have a 20 second rest. She usually does this five days a week.

Other days, you’ll find her doing a reformer Pilates class and some running on the treadmill. She also likes to take advantage of the great tracks around LA and do some outdoor running with friends. She tries to make an effort to do around a 3 km run either on the treadmill or outdoors most days of the week. 

Natalie has also tried a Smash workout, which looks like you basically try to smash an object as hard as you can – could be fun for releasing some stress!

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Here’s what Natalie does on some days:

  • Morning Reformer Pilates
  • Afternoon treadmill sprints – 200m on, 200m off x 10
  • Abs workout (3 rounds):
    • Crunches 20 reps
    • Elbow to knee 20 reps
    • Heel taps 20 reps
    • Swiss ball glute bridge 10 reps
    • Swiss ball rollouts 20 reps

Natalie often shares the details of our workouts on her Instagram stories, so check for updates when you feel like trying something new.


Natalie loves to do pilates style workouts, especially for her butt. Here’s one of here floor butt circuits:

  • Clamshell 20 reps
  • Leg lifts 20 reps
  • Leg circles 20 reps (10 in one way and 10 in the other way)
  • Lying leg swings 20 reps
  • Leg lifts 10 reps
  • Glute bridges 20 reps

She first does all of

Featured Imaeg credit: the exercises on one leg and then moves to the other. You’ll feel this one, for sure! :)

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Bring on the sunshine ☀️ #BeachDays

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And this is one of Natalie’s legs workouts (3 rounds):

  • Sliding lateral lunges 10 reps
  • Sliding reverse lunges 10 reps
  • Resistance band hip thrusters 10 reps (hold at the top for 30 pulses)
  • Hip thrusters 10 reps (20 pulses)
  • Hip thrusters 10 reps (10 pulses)

This is a great workout and, depending on your body type and fitness goals, it might be perfect for you. 

But if you are an endomorph or mesomorph body type and you don’t want to grow your thighs, you might want to avoid workouts that include lunges. Lunges will work your quads which is going to make your thighs bigger.

Here are some leg and butt workouts that will tone your lower body without adding bulkiness to your thighs:

Thanks for reading, guys! I hope you liked learning what this gorgeous Miami Swim Week model does to stay in perfect shape :) If you want to see my other posts about Miami Swim Week models, clic here.

Love Rachael xx

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