Olivia Culpo didn’t become Miss Universe in 2012 without a lot of hard work. Of course, she has incredible genes but she also eats well and works out regularly!

In this blog post I’m going to tell you what exactly Olivia eats and how she trains to stay in great shape :)

olivia culpo diet and workout routine


Olivia focuses on eating a relatively low-carb, high protein diet that’s full of natural foods. She wants to make sure that she’s eating enough vitamins and nutrients. She also says that getting the right micronutrients helps her keep her energy levels high.

Naturally, Olivia eats a lot of veggies. She prefers to steam them, as this is easiest for her to digest.


Olivia likes to start her day with a big breakfast. She typically eats after an early morning workout. 

Her go-to meal is quinoa with egg whites, sautéed kale, sweet potato, and a little avocado on the side

This is a great meal to help you recover from intense exercise because it is high in protein. It also has a good amount of carbs and fats that will help you restore and improve your energy levels.

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Here are a few more foods that Olivia eats almost every day:


Olivia likes bringing almonds to a shoot or an event. She says that they’re filling and easy to pack.


Eating pineapple before a show is something Olivia swears by. She says it helps reduce inflammation and bloating which helps her look even leaner. 


Olivia likes that yogurt is low in sugar but high in protein. I think yogurt is a good choice too, but make sure you read the labels.  Lots of yogurts have more sugar than necessary. And you can always add some fresh fruit to your yogurt or homemade granola :) 


Olivia works out first thing in the morning, so she doesn’t eat breakfast right away. Instead, she likes to eat a few bites of a granola bar so that she isn’t working out on an empty stomach. 


Olivia isn’t a big coffee drinker, but she loves to drink freshly squeezed orange juice right after she gets up!


Her favourite treat is actually very simple – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches :)

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Olivia isn’t shy to admit that she works hard to keep her body looking good! She does several things to help monitor her diet. 

  • Other than her orange juice, Olivia tries not to drink her calories. She chooses water over sugary drinks and alcohol. These can have a lot of calories and very little nutrients. So if you can, try to avoid it :)
  • She eats smaller meals more regularly. Some people find that this helps them stay slim, while others prefer the opposite with dieting techniques like intermittent fasting. You may not instantly know which approach will be the best for you but you can try them out and see how your body reacts.
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Olivia says the secret to her success is finding good trainers who understood the look she is going for. 

I’m a strong advocate for this too. Unfortunately, too many trainers (at least in my experience) don’t understand that different people have different goals. Luckily, Olivia found a great trainer to help her prepare for Miss Universe pageant.

Olivia is naturally already quite slim and thin but when she was training for Miss Universe her goal was to get in the best possible shape. 

She and her trainer Rafael Ulloa, did fat burning exercises to keep her lean but also worked on building lean muscles. For her lower body, they focused on bodyweight exercises like squats and lunges. Olivia kept her number of reps high and they would usually repeat the circuit 3-5 times.

In my experience, bodyweight workouts combined with a high number of reps work the best if your goal is to get toned without getting bulky :)

But I would advise you to avoid exercises like lunges and squats if you tend to bulk up easily in your lower body. Squats and lunges will build your quads, and if that’s something you don’t want, it might be better if you focused on other bodyweight workouts. 

I have lots of workouts that will help you get lean and toned here.

If you want to get a body like Olivia Culpo, I have something special for you!  I’ve created a 5-day video course which will help you achieve that model like body. All 5 workout videos are completely free and you can download them below :)

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Ok, so now we know what Olivia did to prepare for Miss Universe but what’s her regular workout routine like?


When it comes to resistance training, her routine hasn’t changed that much. She still does bodyweight workouts (planks, pushups, and squats) combined with a high number of reps.

As I’ve written about before high rep, bodyweight or low weight workouts are perfect for creating a toned look. They build enough muscle so that you don’t look skinny fat but they don’t build too much muscle. Instead, they help you achieve a leaner look.

Olivia currently works out with Peter Mollo and their routine seems pretty intense as you can see in the video below!

You go girl :)

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Here it is! A lot of you asked about my workout routine and this is what @petermollofitness put together for you guys. *Ps my set is by @aloyoga*——-———————————————————————-⬇️ Complete the Following X 3 Rounds: * Cable Pull Downs X 20 reps each leg * Cable 3/4 Squats X 10 reps * Cable Pull Throughs X 15 reps ⏺ ⬇️ Complete the Following X 3 Rounds: * Banded Pulsing Glute Bridges X 15 reps * Deficit Squats X 15 reps * Deficit Reverse Lunges X 12 reps each leg ⏺ ⬇️ Burnout ? X 3 Rounds: * Box Jumps X 10 reps * Med Ball Partner Toss X 20 reps

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Olivia also prioritizes cardio workouts. Like a lot of other models (including Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima) she enjoys boxing. Boxing is a great cardio workout and it’s great for toning your upper body. 

Besides boxing, Olivia also likes Soul Cycle classes, hiking, and running. 

Cardio is great for fat burning! It burns a lot of calories, and it is important for keeping weight off. I’m a big fan of walking and running since I find it helps me keep my legs slim and lean.


Olivia loves to do yoga. Yoga classes help her stay flexible and relaxed, but she says they also help tone her butt, core, and upper body. 

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Olivia clearly knows what her fitness goals are, and how to achieve them! After all, her body looks just as great as it did when she won Miss Universe! 

Still, Olivia says that having a personal trainer really helps her stay on track. She likes the relationships she builds with her trainers

Olivia Culpo evidently has an amazing body and she also seems like a very sweet and hardworking person! 

I’m glad she is so open in interviews and shares all the sweat and effort she puts in her workouts. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it! 

Thanks for reading!

Love Rachael xx

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Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

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