Outer Thigh Workout

Summer is practically here and if you feel a bit insecure about how your legs are going to look like in those short shorts, don’t be! Here you have an outer thigh workout that will help you feel confident and good about yourself.

I use a gliding disc for this workout, but you can use a small towel if you don’t have one (like I use in the video). And if you want to add an extra challenge, you can use ankle weights for this workout. I’ll put the link for them below.

I will put the link to the equipment I use below.

This workout is simple, quick and most importantly effective. You can do it at home at the gym, alone or with a friend. Having a workout buddy can be very motivational and beneficial for you as you know from one of my recent blog posts.

Try out my outer thigh workout and let me know if you like it! :) 

Enjoy! xx


Complete each exercise for 30-45 seconds without any rest. Complete 2-3 rounds.

I did the standing exercises for 45 seconds and the lying down ones for 30 seconds cuz they burn!

You can do it as a stand-alone workout, or add it to your cardio/circuit for a little extra. I did this plus an ab circuit.

Hip & inner thigh opener
outer thigh workout
outer thigh workout

Lying leg circles (legs bent)outer thigh workout

Lying leg kicks
outer thigh workout

90 degree pulses
outer thigh workout
outer thigh workout

Semicircles with gliding disc
outer thigh workout

Gliding Discs

Here are the gliding discs that I used in this workout, which you can buy on Amazon.Amazon gliding discs for blog

Buy Sliding Discs Here

Ankle Weights

Here are the ankle weights that you can use for these workouts if you want to. You can buy them on Amazon.

Amazon ankle weights for blogBuy 5 Pound Ankle Weight Here

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