Pamela Reif’s Diet and Workout Routine

By Rachael Attard, Updated Jun 9, 2022

Pamela Reif is a gorgeous model but in addition to being a stunning Instagram influencer, she’s also a major foodie, cookbook writer and a fitness enthusiast.

So since a lot of you asked me about Pamela’s diet and workout routine, i decided to do some serious research. 

Let’s see what I found out :)


Pamela follows what she calls the “right diet.” And it’s a completely holistic approach to food and nutrition. She puts a lot of weight on eating right not just for her body, but for the globe.

It all comes down to sustainability. She recognizes that meat consumption puts strain on the environment. And while she does eat meat, she tries to keep the majority of her diet vegetarian and as heavily plant-based as possible. This means reducing the amount of meat she consumes and shifting her focus towards preparing veg-heavy dishes throughout the week.


Pamela used to start her days with a bowl of Muesli and a piece of marble cake. Now, she likes to keep things healthier and nutrient-dense. 

Her favourite breakfast is a chocolate blueberry smoothie bowl. She puts half an avocado, one frozen zucchini, a small banana, and cocoa powder to taste. The bowl then gets topped with a generous handful of blueberries. For added crunch and texture, she sprinkles it with coconut. 

If she’s eating on the go, she often makes a green smoothie using frozen spinach, wheatgrass, frozen broccoli, banana, fresh ginger, cinnamon, and water. For protein, she uses hemp protein powder.

Keep in mind that both of these smoothies are sweet, but they’re not terribly fruity. If you like that added sweetness, try one of these great smoothie bowls.


Pamela’s lunches are often protein-packed so she can recover from her morning workouts more easily. 

She sautés sliced zucchini, fresh baby spinach, cherry or grape tomatoes, and salmon in a skillet with a touch of oil. While the ingredients cook, she poaches an egg which goes on top of the finished dish. 

The result is a nutrient-dense protein-packed dish that’s light enough to keep you full without feeling bloated. Don’t get me wrong…I love a good poached egg, but they’re tricky to make. If you’re worried about your skills in the kitchen, try this recipe for a simpler take.


For dinner, she tries to keep things simple and hearty. Her favourite dish is a vegetable soup that uses tons of fresh produce.

She adds sliced zucchini, broccoli florets, shredded kohlrabi, fennel, celery root, parsnip, and carrots. Then, she adds tomato passata, quinoa, and a bit of water. For added flavour, she uses sea salt to season the broth.

While you can cook it in a normal pot, Pamela prefers to use a pressure cooker.

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? daily spirulina shots, sweet potato fritters with avocado, orange infused chia puddings with berries and plant based milk, fennel-apple salads with baby spinach and turmeric dressing, beetroot soups with sprouts and cashew creme ♥️ BEST FOOD I ever got served during vacation. 100% my taste and I seriously liked EVERYTHING. The dishes itself, preparation, flavors, textures .. always on point ? – The food plan of my Energizing Program at @velaaprivateisland is different to the normal hotel menu tho. Since it was personalized to my preferences they created a very plant-based and clean meal plan. Giving me tons of healthy fats each day with nuts, nut creams, pesto sauces, hummus, avocado, etc. ?? Only sugars are from fruit ? no onions & garlic because I dislike them, not so many cruciferous vegetables because my tummy has a hard time handling them ? no cow’s milk ? and no fish like tuna or salmon for me (environment, overfishing and heavy metals ?) – and guess what, no problem at all! The meals are sooo diverse and so incredible delicious ? couldn’t wish for more!! #cleaneating #madeeasy #nomnom #velaaprivateisland // Anzeige

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Pamela prides herself on eating a healthy diet the majority of the time. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t have to make some serious changes. In fact, she used to eat marble cake every morning as part of her breakfast.

This daily splurge didn’t cause her to gain weight. But it did derail her progress at the gym.

She doesn’t believe in depriving herself of anything. Instead, she likes to fuel her body with what it needs when she needs it.



Pam puts a lot of effort into keeping her body in great shape. And she does it by targeting specific muscle groups. But best of all, she does it without using gym equipment. This allows her to get the same quality workout no matter where she is.


Pamela likes to incorporate cardio elements into her strength training routines. 

  • Jumping jacks – 30 seconds
  • Squat jumps – 30 seconds
  • Plank jacks – 30 seconds
  • Mountain climbers – 30 seconds

These exercises are super simple to do and keep your heart rate up throughout your workout. You can do just these exercises for several repetitions or incorporate them into other exercise routines to create a HIIT workout that targets your full body. 



Pamela loves doing booty workouts and this is one of her favourite routines: 

  • Squat with core twist – 30 seconds
  • Jump squat with pulse – 30 seconds
  • Squat walk alternating sides – 30 seconds
  • Squat hold – 30 seconds
  • Plank to jump squat – 30 seconds
  • Straight leg kickback – 30 seconds each leg
  • Donkey kick with pulses – 30 seconds each leg
  • Plank with kickback – 30 seconds each leg
  • Leg circles – 30 seconds each leg
  • Leg kickback hold – 30 seconds each leg
  • Repeat

The workout targets her glutes, thighs, and abs. If you’re worried about all those squats bulking you up, try this routine instead. 

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Raffaelo? .. I say Coconut Bliss Balls ?

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Yes, Pamela LOVES to work out her abs. But it’s because they’re the core muscles used for so much of your body’s natural movement. When they’re strong, you’re better able to move and prevent injuries. Here’s what she does:

  • Leg lift circles – 30 seconds
  • Reverse crunch leg lifts – 30 seconds
  • Leg lifts with cris-cross movement – 30 seconds
  • Cross crunch with leg lift- 30 seconds
  • Russian twist – 30 seconds
  • Leg lift – 30 seconds
  • Flutter kicks – 30 seconds
  • Toe taps – 30 seconds
  • Reverse crunch leg lifts – 30 seconds
  • Roll ins – 30 seconds
  • Bicycle crunches – 30 seconds
  • Side plank pull – 30 seconds each side
  • Side plank reach through – 30 seconds each side
  • Static side plank – 30 seconds
  • Plank back and forth – 30 seconds
  • Cross spider plank – 30 seconds
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sun kissed

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Pam’s arm routine also targets her abs at the same time. Like her other routines, all she needs is a mat. 

  • Push-ups – 30 seconds
  • Shoulder taps – 30 seconds
  • Side push-up left arm – 30 seconds
  • Side push-up right arm – 30 seconds
  • Break – 30 seconds
  • T rotating plank – 30 seconds
  • Up-down plank – 30 seconds
  • Superman – 30 seconds
  • Superman with rotation – 30 seconds
  • Break – 30 seconds
  • Triceps dips – 30 seconds
  • Reverse static plank – 30 seconds
  • Plank – 30 seconds
  • Plank with rocking back and forth – 30 seconds

Most of these exercises will work to give you tone without the bulk. Remember, bodyweight exercises are the BEST way to tone without packing on muscle. 



Pamela Reif’s diet and workout are designed to keep her healthy without being too restrictive or taking up too much time in her already busy day. Do what your body needs and don’t be afraid to push yourself both on the mat and in the kitchen. You’ll feel better for it, just like she does!

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30 comments on “Pamela Reif’s Diet and Workout Routine”

    Andreas says:

    You are an inspiration to me! Thank you for the workouts so fun and enduring. I am much older but am inspired by your butty and hope that my transition to womanhood will be well taken with my training thanks to you! I have lost 8 lbs in two weeks and one inch in the waist. I was struggling with my last 10 LBS of needed weight loss after losing 27 pounds and making a shape. I would like to fit into a size 6 again. I have many skirts that miss me or I miss them, HAHA! Thank you dear your a daughter that would work well in our family of 4. Two male and 2 female. Thank you!

      Lean Legs Support says:

      Hey lovely! I’m so happy to know that you were able to achieve such amazing results! Can’t wait to see your progress! Wish you all the best on your fitness journey! :)

    T says:

    Will Pamela Reifs 10 min low impact legs workout bulk up thighs?

      Lean Legs Support says:

      Hi lovely! It really depends on your body type and how often you do it. If you need help in figuring out your body type and finding the right type of workouts for you, feel free to reach out to us at

    Clara says:

    Does Pamela do every routine everyday?

      Sandra - Lean Legs Support says:

      Hi lovely,

      Thanks for reaching out :)

      She usually has 1 or 2 rest days per week. If you plan on embarking on a fitness journey don’t forget to take at least 1 rest day per week to let your body recover <3


    Emily says:

    What body type is best for Pamela Rief workouts?

      Len - Lean Legs Support says:

      Hi lovely,

      Thanks for reaching out! <3

      Pamela Reif's workouts would suit mesomorphs or ectomorphs more. We don't really recommend it for endomorphs because the exercises are a little bit intense. It contains HIIT and a lot of running which cause unwanted bulkiness for endomorphs. :)

      I hope that helps. If you have more questions, feel free to email us at


    Anil Tickoo says:

    can endomorph women try pamela reif worouts

      Ana - Lean Legs Support says:

      Hey lovely,

      Thanks for reaching out! :)

      It’s quite possible that endomorphs won’t get as much positive progress with her workouts. :/

      I recommend that you check out some of Rachael’s workouts that you can find on her Youtube channel, IGTV, or the blog.
      Her workouts that you can find online aren’t body type specified and are designed not to bulk you up, so you can feel free to try them out.

      I would also mention ignoring HIIT workouts as an endomorph since it probably will bulk you up. :)

      Hope this helped! :)