Is it difficult for you to find the time to go to a gym? I know that working out can sometimes take too long from our already busy lives.

And especially you mamas out there who are struggling, I know how you feel! Taking care of our kids is always our priority, but we shouldn’t forget to take care of ourselves too.

That’s why I want to make working out a little bit easier for you. This quick couch workout will take you only 15 minutes to complete! And the best part? You can even do it in your pyjamas. :)

How to Complete This Circuit

  • Do each exercise for 45 seconds without any rest.
  • Complete 3 rounds in total.
  • Wear either gym clothes or pyjamas, we won’t judge :)

Try This Quick Couch Workout


1. Shoulder Elevated Glute Bridge

2. Elevated Tricep Dips

3. Sit Ups

4. Single Leg Glute Bridge

5. Elevated Push Ups

If you enjoyed this quick workout, make sure to check out my workout library or my Instagram where I regularly post new and quick workout routines!

Love Rachael Xx

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