A word from Rachael:

”If you’ve been following me on Instagram, or reading my blog, you know that you girls are my main inspiration & motivation.

That’s why I especially love holding the Share Your Journey Challenge. It lets me see and celebrate the progress of many of you amazing girls! This time I want to highlight one of my lovely girls, 35 y/o Audrey from USA.

Audrey’s Review of the Lean Legs Video Course

1. Did You Know Which Body Type You Are Before Doing the Body Type Quiz? What Was Your Fitness Routine Before You Started the Program?

Audrey: I didn’t even know there were different body types. The quiz changed everything about how I looked at working out and eating.

And before I started the program, I did minimal workouts if any.

2. How Did You Find Out About the Program and What Convinced You to Try It Out?

Audrey: I found LLP when I was looking up ways to lose weight in my thighs. The people around me kept suggesting squats and similar workouts but I knew from experience that it would not work for me.

Thankfully I came across Rachael’s program and all the amazing before and after photos and decided to try something new. I wanted the results I saw other women achieving.

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3. When Did You First Start Seeing Results? How Did You Track Your Progress and How Did You Feel When You Noticed Those First Results?

Audrey: I started feeling results after week 2. I had more energy and my clothes fit differently. But I began seeing results around week 5.

I had taken a “before” photo in week 1 and took one again in week 5 and I loved the changes I saw. It only motivated me to work harder for the remaining weeks. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening for me.

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4. What Was Your Absolute Favourite Part of the Program and What Was the Most Challenging?

Audrey: My favourite part of Rachael’s program was how easy it was to follow. I loved being able to do the videos at home. I have bad knees and there was no intense jumping that hurt my body but still challenging enough to feel like a hard workout.

The most challenging part of Rachael’s program what finding the motivation to show up and walk or press play in the videos. After week 2 when I started feeling better and noticing results, it was all the motivation I needed to keep going. I couldn’t believe the program really worked.

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5. How Did You Feel After Finishing the Program? What Are Your Goals for the Future?

Audrey: I feel like a new person after my first round of Rachael’s program. I have energy, new confidence, and amazing results I didn’t think were possible.

My plan is to continue with the program to maintain the results I achieved. It’s truly been a whole attitude and lifestyle change. I enjoy this program beyond words.

6. Are You Happy with What You Have Achieved So Far? How Do You Plan On Continuing Your Fitness Journey?

Audrey: Couldn’t be happier with my results, physically and mentally. I feel like my fitness journey turned into a lifestyle. It’s now part of my daily routine that I look forward to and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon!

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7. Would You Recommend the Program to Your Friends? Why? What Makes It Stand Out?

Audrey: I have recommended this program to everyone who says they are looking for something in their fitness journey.

Rachael’s program really stands out because you don’t have to work out at a gym or have fancy equipment. It’s just you, Rachael and your willingness to achieve. The program is so easy it seems unreal but the results are as real as they get!

8. Do You Have Any Advice for the Girls That Are About to Start Their Fitness Journey?

Audrey: If I could give other women fitness advice I would tell them to stick with it. Work the program even on days you’re not feeling it. Look at the other women’s photos for motivation because the results are so achievable. Take the time to care for yourself because the end result is worth every second of time put in.

I’m so proud of Audrey and the fact that this my program is now part of her lifestyle!

Love Rachael xx

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