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”If you’ve been following me on Instagram, or reading my blog, you know that you girls are my main inspiration & motivation.

It’s been some time since my Share Your Journey Challenge but there’s so many amazing stories so I wanted to share more. Dena, a 24y/o from USA is such a great inspiration for me and I am glad she got such amazing results with my programs!

Dena’s Review of the Lean G.A.L. Bundle

1. Did You Know Which Body Type You Are Before Doing the Body Type Quiz? What Was Your Fitness Routine Before You Started the Program?

Dena: No I had no idea what endomorph was before I found you, so it really helped make sense as to why my body would bulk or why I’d feel my legs getting bigger and realized my body wasn’t made for squats, sprinting, etc.

I tried a lot of different workout classes, youtube classes, and I didn’t find out the right way to workout for my body and get lean until I found your website and started following all your tips and getting your workouts/meal plans.

I did no walking, mostly did HIIT sprints and then lunges and squats thinking that’s what I had to do in order to get lean and toned legs and glutes. But I wasn’t seeing the changes in my body that I wanted to.


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2. How Did You Find Out About the Program and What Convinced You to Try It Out?

Dena: I found your program while researching how to shrink my legs because that’s always been my insecurity since I am short and an endomorph so I tend to bulk easily there even when working out.

Once I found your website, right away I wanted to try this program out and I saw results quickly and fell in love with walking, your home workouts & using ankle weights as well as eating nutritious foods and now I can never look back because it’s a lifestyle.

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3. When Did You First Start Seeing Results? How Did You Track Your Progress and How Did You Feel When You Noticed Those First Results?

Dena: I started seeing results right away with the first round of Lean Legs Program. I used your calories and macros at first and tracked using my fitness pal and I measured and weighed myself every 2 weeks.

In the past couple of months just doing G.A.L. I’ve lost a couple inches off my waist and hips and one inch off my legs even though the scale doesn’t change as much anymore I know I am making progress.

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4. What Was Your Absolute Favourite Part of the Program and What Was the Most Challenging? What Motivated You to Keep Going?

Dena: I love booty workouts so finding alternatives to lunges and squats and using ankle weights is so fun for me.

For the most challenging part, at first I had trouble fitting in all the power walks but now I walk so much and I choose to walk to school every day instead of driving there so I get steps in naturally. That makes it easier for me to just then have a workout of running or strength at home because it’s so convenient.

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5. How Did You Feel After Finishing the Program? What Are Your Goals for the Future?

Dena: I feel healthier and stronger both physically and mentally.

My goal for the future is to just keep toning up and being able to just be confident in my own body has made me overcome so many past struggles and insecurities so now I just want to maintain this lifestyle and keep making little changes because those changes add up.

6. Are You Happy with What You Have Achieved So Far? How Do You Plan On Continuing Your Fitness Journey?

Dena: I’m so happy and proud of myself but couldn’t have done it without you! I plan on continuing keeping myself accountable and working out and eating healthy is something I want to do now and that I love so that’s what keeps me going.

I don’t deprive myself but I have a healthy relationship with food now so I incorporate treats into my diet and that’s the key to maintaining this lifestyle as well as taking a rest day or two when your tired or just busy.

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7. Would You Recommend the Program to Your Friends?

Dena: Yes I definitely would. I love that this program is specific for each body type and it’s obvious that Rachael has done her research and really wants us to get the best results possible for each body type.

And her meal plans/calories are never so low like others that I’ve tried that ends up backfiring and making you binge.

8. Do You Have Any Advice for the Girls That Are About to Start Their Fitness Journey?

Dena: Make weekly goals. Realize it’s okay to not be perfect and just be patient with the process because it definitely does take time!

Also don’t let little changes discourage you because they add up week to week whether it’s half an inch lost or half a pound.

I’m so happy to hear that this is now Dena’s lifestyle and I am so excited to see what she does next

Love Rachael xx

Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

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