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”If you’ve been following me on Instagram, or reading my blog, you know that you girls are my main inspiration & motivation.

This time I talked to Stefania, an amazing mom who inspired me so much during the Share Your Journey Challenge. I’ll be holding another round soon, so I hope you girls are excited!

Stefania’s Review

1. Did You Know Which Body Type You Are Before Doing the Body Type Quiz? Have You Ever Tried Exercising According to Your Body Type Before You Started the Program?

Stefania: No, had no idea! And first I thought I was only meso, but learnt through the process that I am a mix of ecto and meso. LOVE this body type analysis and to use it to advance my fitness journey

2. What Was Your Fitness Routine Before You Started the Program? What Made You Change It?

Stefania: I was doing heavy lifting and almost only HIIT and interval training cardio. I was just becoming wayyyy to heavy for my own liking and my legs were just becoming unrecognizable from lack of walking.

I went to google and searched for “how to get my legs lean” and popped up Rachael, and I haven’t looked back since. LOVE her approach to holistic health and fitness. It just works if you work it!!

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3. How Did You Find Out About the Program and What Convinced You to Try It Out?

Stefania: Google. All the amazing articles and the website, just looked at it for a few days and read all the blogs and then went all in!!

4. When Did You First Start Seeing Results? How Did You Track Your Progress and How Did You Feel When You Noticed Those First Results?

Stefania: In just one week the scale went down and I just had such a strong gut feeling this would work. Felt immediately much more energized and happy in my every day life. I did full body measurements every Friday morning, and measured weight. Put everything in an excel spreadsheet. Then took photos every three weeks also on a Friday.

I always saw results, once the scale went up but it was after a week of being ill. I knew this was a long-term process and decided not to think too much about it and just keep on going, keep on trusting.

It was amazing how many results I could see after every photoshoot and it just made me so happy and energized to be doing something going towards a weight goal I had not reached since I was 13 yo.

The whole process was so enjoyable, often I lost faith but just for a second and decided to just be kind and compassionate towards myself the whole way and this program makes that really easy.

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5. What Was Your Absolute Favourite Part of the Program and Why?

Stefania: The meal plan, it is so delicious! All the smoothies, salads, wraps and just everything! Such clean food and so fulfilling. Amazing recipes, Rachael should do a Vegan recipe book!!! Easy recipes and I still use them every day.

I am on my 3rd cycle of following the meal plan 😄 and almost to the 4th. Just added some extra portions since my macros are a little higher now. Don’t want to lose more weight at the moment.

But the resistance training is also soooo much fun, so challenging but still not high impact, so feminine and compassionate!!

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6. What Was the Most Challenging Part of the Program? What Motivated You to Keep Going?

Stefania: In the beginning to find the time, that is to get over my fixed beliefs that I was too busy, but now both the walking and food prepping is just a part of my routine and it’s such a well spent time! Just me time.

7. How Did You Feel After Finishing the Program? What Are Your Goals for the Future?

Stefania: Amazing and I still feel amazing! I still use the meal plan and cardio recommendations. I often use the resistance videos as well.

I am working towards personal goals to compete in track and field again, so now I am working with a coach on some extra strength and speed, but all within my new parameter that I have learned about myself through the lean legs program. I want to keep my current weight and just get stronger and faster. :)

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8. Are You Happy with What You Have Achieved So Far? And Would You Recommend the Program to Your Friends?

Stefania: Yes, I am so pleased and happy. Just keep on going, maintaining my weight and getting even leaner.

And I have already recommended it to most of my friends. It’s easy to follow, very female and mom friendly and works!

9. Do You Have Any Advice for the Girls That Are About to Start Their Fitness Journey?

Stefania: Trust the process and put in the work. Watch your thoughts and beliefs and make sure the negative ones will not stop you from reaching your goals!

I am so grateful to Stefania for sharing her story, and I hope to read yours in one of the next rounds of the Share Your Journey Challenge. :)

Love Rachael xx

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