Rebel Wilson starred in many movies such as Pitch Perfect, Jojo Rabbit and Cats.

She isn’t just a great actress committed to her work. She’s committed to every goal she sets!

In 2020, she decided to start her Year of Health. Rebel spent the year being active and eating healthy and she managed to reach her fitness goal with enough time to spare! 

This is how she did it:


She first started losing weight while filming Cats, largely because the entire movie was so physically demanding. She spent most of her days rehearsing choreography and constantly moving. That, combined with the super-hot set, helped her lose weight in a healthy way.

She took that progress and decided to run with it to improve health and fitness. For her diet, she embraced what’s known as the Mayr Method diet at the VivaMayr medical detox and health center in Austria.


The Mayr method diet is, at first, highly restrictive when it comes to processed food, dairy, gluten and common food allergens.

The thought behind the diet is that the restrictions will help your body better digest the food you eat and allow your gut to heal from any damage it suffered from unhealthy habits and processed junk food.

As part of the diet, you’re expected to chew your food up to 40 times before swallowing. This helps break the food up and allows you to focus on what you’re eating. Meals are also taken four hours apart and without beverages.

The Mayr Method also encourages people to avoid using screens while eating.


For breakfast, Rebel keeps things simple and starts with a big dose of healthy protein. Some days, this means eggs served with fresh or lightly sautéed spinach. Others, it involves a vegan protein shake or smoothie.

It all depends on how much time she has and what she has lined up for the rest of the day.

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For lunch, the comedian eats a balance of protein and fresh vegetables. Typical lunches include salads served with smoked salmon, grilled turkey breast, or even seasoned tofu.

If she’s not feeling a salad, the Mayr diet allows her to indulge in certain warm grains like polenta served with vegetables of her choice. When she’s in a real hurry, she’ll grab a smoothie full of fresh greens like spinach, kale, and seasonal fresh fruit.

While they’re certainly healthy and, with the right protein powders, can be a nutrient-dense meal substitute, the Mayr diet advocates for extensive chewing and savoring of your food. That’s not easy to do with a smoothie.


On most days, dinner is a lot like lunch, just a smaller portion. However, there is one key restriction that Rebel has to follow. She’s not supposed to eat raw vegetables after 3pm.

The theory is that since raw vegetables are harder to digest, your body will have less time to break up the fiber and nutrients before you call it a day. This means your digestive tract has to work harder overnight.

By avoiding raw foods, you’ll be able to get the nutrients from your dinner before you fall asleep, giving your digestive tract a much-earned rest overnight.


When she first started the Mayr diet, Rebel had to abstain from caffeine, sugar, and alcohol for two weeks. But after the two weeks, she was able to incorporate small amounts back into her diet without disrupting her progress.

She tends to drink green tea more often than coffee and only drinks occasionally.

Rebel said that she tries to go for an overall healthy balance. “It doesn’t mean every week is a healthy week,” she adds in her interview for People. “Some weeks are just write offs, and there’s nothing you can do about that.”

She’s got a serious sweet tooth and admits to reaching for a donut whenever she gets the opportunity, but she doesn’t let that distract her from her goal of staying healthy.

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Rebel Wilson workout routine

Though Rebel’s diet routine has helped her lose tons of weight and keep it off, she’s also gotten a lot more active since Cats wrapped. And her workouts are surprisingly intense.

Though she changes things up each week, her workouts are largely consistent. This is what helps her see results and make the improvements she needs to make.

Rebel’s weekly workout schedule looks like this:

  • Monday: HIIT routine
  • Tuesday: Weight training
  • Wednesday: Active rest day
  • Thursday: HIIT routine
  • Friday: TRX training
  • Saturday: Active rest day
  • Sunday: HIIT routine


One of the biggest components of Rebel Wilson’s workout routine is cardio. Though she definitely gets her heartrate up at the gym, she tries to keep herself active every day whenever she can.

Rebel walks and hikes. She’ll go for hour-long walks every day and uses a fitness tracker to hold herself accountable and make sure she’s getting enough steps in each day.

When she feels the need for a more intense workout, she’ll incorporate 100-meter sprints into her walks.

Walking is my favourite type of cardio so I like that she puts emphasis on walking as an exercise anyone can do even without a personal trainer.

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Though Rebel loves to focus on cardio, she’s also a huge fan of resistance training. And for good reason: it helps her tone up, slim down, and burn more fat each day.

She does work out with a personal trainer who incorporates traditional strength training exercises with free weights as well as non traditional strength training methods like tire flips, TRX, and bodyweight exercises into her routine.

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Rebel has recently started using TRX workouts to build strength, improve balance, and boost her flexibility. The workouts use suspension straps that allow Rebel to use her bodyweight to build her muscles.

This results in effective strength training, but more importantly, it allows her to tone her muscles without putting on tons of bulk.

Remember, bodyweight training is one of the most effective ways to build functional strength (strength you’ll use throughout your daily routine).


In addition to TRX and weight training, Rebel also does a lot of high-intensity interval training routines. These allow her to combine both cardio and strength training workouts into one intense session.

Her trainer would have her do stair sprints and bouts with battle rope as well as flipping tires. 

In one of her Instagram posts she tagged Liam and Chris Hemsworth and said: “Look out! Australia’s latest action hero is turning up!” I love her confidence and sense of humor!

If you’re looking to try HIIT workouts yourself, I recommend this routine. It will give you a solid workout that challenges every muscle group in your body.


The one thing Rebel Wilson’s diet and workout routine make abundantly clear is that weight loss is a journey. It takes time and commitment to your overall health and wellbeing if you want to see serious and long-lasting results.

If you want me to write about other celebrity diet and workout routines, let me know in the comments!

Love Rachael xx

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