I’m a sucker for a good rom-com. And when it comes to actresses that star in those
rom-coms, Reese Witherspoon is one I adore a lot.

Apart from being a great actress, Reese founded Hello Sunshine, a media brand that puts women at the center of every story. Reese does her best to empower other women and I think that’s absolutely amazing!

One other thing that I love about her is that she has a monthly book club where she, again, chooses books that put women at the center.

The southern girl turned Hollywood star has done so much, and she does it all while looking as stunning as ever. Reese
Witherspoon’s diet and workout routine is largely responsible for glowing good looks.

I wanted to break it down and see exactly what she does to look her best. Here’s what I found out.

Reese Witherspoon’s Diet

Reese likes to take a practical and simple approach to her diet. She’s never been one to follow strict diets or get in on trends like Keto or Paleo protocols. She just does what makes her feel good.

She does what she can to keep her body healthy and fit. That means she eats a clean diet that’s free of unprocessed ingredients that might make her feel off or uncomfortable.

And as a mom of three, it’s not always easy. But as she said herself in an interview with Vogue, the coolest part about being a mom is getting to eat fun stuff like chicken fingers. :)

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Reese starts each day with a big cup of coffee. It’s the first thing on her mind when she gets up and it’s the first thing she grabs once she’s out of bed.

She typically sticks with liquids like green smoothies and juices, and of course, coffee in the morning. Her favourite way to start the morning is with a green smoothie she makes at home. She combines chopped spinach, romaine, chopped celery, an apple, pear, banana, and some lemon juice with a few cups of cold water.

This smoothie packs a major nutrient-dense punch, giving Reese tons of beneficial vitamins, fiber, and nutrients to start her day off. Even better, it’s very hydrating which helps her wake up and be as energetic as she needs to be during those busy days on set.

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Reese is a HUGE fan of eating things in moderation. Sometimes, her go-to lunch is a large salad. Her standard is a kale salad, but she’ll change up the toppings based on what’s in season. Typically, she’ll add grilled chicken or lentils for added protein to make the dish more filling.

When she’s on-set in a cooler climate or enjoying one of the rare cold days in LA, she’s happy to indulge in some super-healthy kale and lentil soup. As with any soup, I strongly recommend looking for options that are low in sodium. The best way to do that is to make them from scratch, just like Reese does.

However, being a mom of three, she doesn’t always stick to what some might say is the healthiest option. She’ll have chicken fingers with her kids and one of her favourite dishes is actually her grandmother’s fried chicken which she loves to spice up with some Cholula. She’s also a fan of spicy shrimp and grits.


When she’s being healthy and doing what she can to keep her body running in top condition, Reese tries to keep dinners simple. Usually, this involves eating a whole-grain pasta dish or a grilled lean protein like fish or chicken served with plenty of fresh vegetables.

That said, Reese also indulges in some homemade southern-style comfort food. She’s from Louisiana and knows how to cook like the Southern mom she is.

When she’s not cooking, she and her family routinely enjoy eating pasta at Italian restaurants or ordering Italian-style pizzas. Her favourite pizza topping is pepperoni, which is a classic choice.

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Foods She Avoids

Reese believes in enjoying everything in moderation. That’s why she doesn’t cut out anything completely.

She’s been known to bake cookies at home with her kids, eat ice cream when she’s craving it, and indulge in chocolate when the mood strikes. Another one of her grandma’s recipes that she enjoys is her buttermilk biscuits recipe.

There is one type of food that she does cut out of her diet and that is pickles since that is her least favourite.

She also tries to cut back on alcohol consumption, sticking to just one or two drinks a week if she has any at all. If she does treat herself, she’ll most likely have a glass of wine.

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Reese Witherspoon’s Workout Routine

Though Reese Witherspoon’s diet is flexible, her workout routine is anything but. The actress loves being active and makes exercise a priority at least five days a week.

She starts her days early. Her alarm goes off at 5:30 and she’s in the gym by 7:30 each day.


Reese loves cardio. She’s known to go for long runs and frequently does spin classes or runs through spin routines on her own. She loves the way it pushes her and challenges different muscle groups.

But she also tries to get outside whenever she can. She goes on hikes as often as she can and isn’t afraid to push herself on those hikes. It’s normal for her to speed-walk up a mountain with dumbells in her hands.

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Strength Training

Reese understands the importance of building strength. She does yoga several times each week to maintain her flexibility and range of motion. But her favourite way to build strength is to run through Burn 60 classes.

These classes are HIIT workouts that last up to an hour allow her to combine both strength training and cardio into a single workout.

She’s also a huge fan of taking Body by Simone classes with her friends which combine dance cardio along with bodyweight and resistance training.

One cool thing about Reese, is that she goes on an adventure trip with her son every summer. She said on Ellen that one time they went kayaking in glacier water and she actually managed to roll them into the water that was freezing cold! She says that it was actually really funny and I like that she can find humour in such a situation. :)

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Wrapping Up

I’ll be honest, Reese Witherspoon’s diet works for her and she’s had years to adjust and modify it to her body’s needs. The same can be said for her workout routine.

She knows what works best for her and she sticks to it, but she isn’t afraid to try something new, as you can tell from her kayaking story. And I love how committed she is to her health like she is to everything in her life.

It’s very important that you find something that works for your body and helps you stay as healthy as possible just like Reese!

If you’d like me to talk about other celebrity diet and workout routines, let me know in the comments. :)

Love Rachael xx

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