Australian model Shanina Shaik is a beautiful woman. She’s worked with Victoria’s Secret as a model since 2011, and she recently appeared as the cover girl for Maxim magazine

I’ve been following her for a few years now and I can tell you for sure that she takes her work very seriously! She works out regularly, (twice a day sometimes!) and follows a strict diet.

So in this blog post, I’ll tell you all about Shanina Shaik diet and workout routine :)

shanina shaik diet and workout routine


Shanina used to base her diet around her blood type. For her blood type, this meant eating lots of protein (meat) and not many carbs.

The blood type diet is popular with other celebrities, including Miranda Kerr. The diet narrows into the four blood types and makes diet suggestions based off of each type. Some people should eat lots of meat, for example, but others shouldn’t. 

I’ve written more about how the blood type diet works interested in finding you, you can read it here.


Now Shanina is pescatarian. She eats plenty of fish and makes sure she has enough protein in her nutrition. But she also tries to incorporate lots of vegan meals in her daily diet. 

When Shanina isn’t preparing for a show, she’s slightly less strict with her diet than she is right before an event. But, she still eats a lot of fruit, vegetables, and fish. Between meals, she usually snacks on some fruit.

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Before eating a meal, Shanina drinks a glass of hot water and lemon. Drinking hot water with lemon can help your digestion, give you a Vitamin C boost, improve your skin quality, and more

Shanina says she hasn’t always been a big breakfast eater. Sometimes it was hard to squeeze in the meal in her busy schedule, but she now gets up early enough to have a breakfast protein shake. 

And if she doesn’t want a shake (or has a bit more time in the  morning), she likes to make omelette with egg whites and spinach. 


Shanina typically eats a salad with some lean protein. Other times, she’ll have steamed or boiled fish with vegetables or with a green juice. 

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Shanina says that she isn’t always hungry for dinner. She likes snacking on fruit in the afternoon. But if she’s hungry when it’s dinner time, she sticks to protein and veggies and sometimes adds brown rice to her meal.


Shanina relies on fruit throughout the day to give her energy. She loves pineapples, mangoes, and bananas. On days when she’s especially tired, she drinks black coffee. 


Shanina says she tries not to deprive herself completely. She feels like she’s less like to overindulge if she has a treat now and then. Her favourite treats are vegan hot chocolate and ice cream.

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When she’s preparing for a show or a photo shoot, her diet becomes more strict. She cuts out all carbohydrates except for vegetables. She doesn’t drink any alcohol, and she rarely has any fruit. 

Shanina drinks peppermint tea with lemon right before the Victoria Secret show which is a great idea since drinking peppermint tea can help you get rid of bloating


After the show, Shanina and the other models like to celebrate! And they usually have pizza, cocktails and milkshakes. 


Shanina is a big fan of working out! Growing up, she always considered herself a tomboy and she loved playing sports. Now, she tries to do exercises that are fun for her, and she switches up her routine regularly so that she doesn’t get bored. For her, fitness is all about looking good, feeling good, and having fun!

 Just look at her go in this full body workout routine!

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Her PT before 2018 VS show was Megan Roup.

I really like Meghan’s approach t fitness. She seems like someone who listens to their clients and really helps them reach their fitness goals. 

Megan worked with a lot of VS models besides Shanina (Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt, Lais Ribeiro, and Devon Windsor, to name a few). 

Megan gets that these girls want to be strong and healthy but that they also want to have lean muscles and look toned.

I often meet trainers who mean well but don’t really understand what their clients want. And I think it’s super important that your PT really gets you so you can both be happy with the results.

So how does Megan help Shanina and other VS model get lean and toned?

She does this by combining cardio workouts (like dancing) with low-weight resistance workouts.  

I believe this is a well balanced approach that really works the best if your goals are lean muscles without bulkiness. 

Cardio helps you get lean and stay lean. And low weight/ bodyweight resistance training is important to make sure you don’t end up looking skinny fat. 

You can check out this video of Shanina and Devon Windsor training with Megan :)

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To keep her body toned, Shanina prioritizes resistance training. She does a lot of Pilates-style workouts with low weights. She likes these workouts because they give her a nice toned look without making her look bulky.

With her trainer Megan, Shanina also does moves like lunges, squats, and ab workouts in addition to the Pilates. If you want to try Pilates, you can try my favourite full-body Pilates-inspired workout

Shanina also does some yoga. Yoga, can be a good resistance workout or simply a way to relax and stretch. Both are important! 


Megan Roup’s workouts involve a lot of cardio (you can watch one of her workouts here). She tends to combine light weight training with cardio dance. And her workouts are mainly full body exercises.

In addition to her workouts with Megan, Shanina likes to attend cycling classes and boxing classes. Boxing can also be a resistance workout (for the arms especially) in addition to a cardio workout. 

Shanina says that boxing is her favourite workout! Lots of other models love to box too because it is great for toning the body without bulking up. Adriana Lima and Gigi Hadid are also huge boxing fans.

If you want to get a body like Shanina Shaik, I have something special for you! I’ve created a 5-day video course which will help you achieve that model like body. All 5 workout videos are completely free and you can download them below :)

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Shanina works out on a regular basis. Staying in shape and looking her absolute best is part of her job, after all. Plus, she says she likes the way she feels when she’s healthy and confident in her body.

Still, when a show or an important shoot is approaching, Shanina turns up the heat. She still follows the same workouts she does with Megan, boxing, cycling, and some yoga. But she then starts working out twice a day for a total of at least two hours. And she doesn’t have a rest day.

Because she trains during the whole year, her body is prepared to handle this much exercise. But if you are a newbie, working out twice a day, seven days a week will probably be a bit too much.

She still follows the same basic workouts of training with Megan Roup, boxing, cycling, and some yoga. She says that switching up her workouts keeps her from getting bored and it regularly challenges her body in new ways. 

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Shanina is often on the road, and she makes sure that she still exercises plenty while travelling. When she travels, she always brings ankle weights so that she can still do Pilates-style workouts. 

If you also travel a lot but still want to be able to work out, carrying ankle weights, resistance band and gliding discs is a great idea. 

Here are some of my favourite resistance training workouts that require very little equipment. And they are similar to the ones Shanina and other VS models do :)

We’re lucky that Shanina is so open with her diet and workout habits. She’s a lovely woman, and I’m impressed with her dedication to health. 

I hope that you guys loved learning about Shanina as much as I did :)

Thanks for reading!

Love Rachael xx

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