Are there any Pretty Little Liars here? :) Hope there are because in this blog post I’m going to tell you how Shay Mitchell aka Emily Fields stays in shape!

She recently gave birth to a lovely baby girl and she’s looking better than ever so I was curious to learn what’s her secret!


Shay is one of those people who really enjoys trying new things. She’s not afraid to try new food and indulges when she can. After all, you only live once!

But that’s not to say that she eats junk food all the time. She actually keeps things pretty healthy even when she’s not working.


Shay likes to start her day with a smoothie and we’re not talking a fruit-filled sugar bomb here. Her smoothies are super healthy and jam-packed with nutrients. 

It starts with a HUGE handful of spinach. She likes to use fresh whenever she can and it always makes the smoothie tastier.

She then adds a frozen banana, a single scoop of protein powder, powdered peanut butter for flavour, ½ of almond milk, water, a handful of ice, and some flaxseed meal for added Omega-3 fats. 

Green smoothies are a great way to get your greens in the morning! Or if you don’t like protein smoothies, you can always make a green omelette!


For lunch, Shay often eats out and she absolutely LOVES the restaurant Sweetgreen. She tries to grab a salad for lunch anytime she can.

Her favourite is the Spicy Sabzi which consists of spinach, shredded kale, raw beets, carrots, bean sprouts, spicy quinoa, and their famous spicy broccoli. 

For protein, she adds their roasted sesame tofu and tops the salad with Sweetgreen’s house-made carrot-chili vinaigrette and their house hot sauce.   

The end result is a salad that’s flavorful, filling, and full of antioxidants and vitamins. It’s also something she can make at home, whenever she has the time.


Shay’s dinner options are typically very lean. She sticks with the standard lean protein and adds healthy seasonal veg to the plate. Her favourite dinner is baked salmon seasoned with lemon and black pepper. For her veg, she LOVES fresh asparagus.



Shay’s snacks are just as healthy as her meals. She typically has one between breakfast and lunch and one in the afternoon.

Those snacks vary from something as simple as a brown rice cake—which is higher in carbs than some people might like—and hard-boiled eggs which she mashes and seasons with chili oil, salt, and pepper.

Those eggs pack some serious health benefits and give her enough protein to stay full between meals. The rice cake, though, needs a little something extra if you’re using it to stave off hunger. 

I’d recommend skipping it entirely and reaching for some fresh veggie sticks and hummus. Or, for a low-carb snack, grab a handful of nuts. Check out these healthy snack ideas for more inspiration.


Eating clean is a huge priority for Shay, but she tries not to get obsessive over what she’s consuming. She listens to her cravings and is happy to grab a slice of pizza or eat a burger with friends. 

It’s all about balance for her. When she eats foods that aren’t incredibly healthy, she’ll throw in a more intense workout the next day. That balance helps her maintain her healthy diet more easily without overdoing it on the foods she craves. 

The one thing she is careful to do every day, whether she’s eating right or not, is stay hydrated. Tries to drink at least 2 liters of alkaline water every day. 



That balance between a healthy diet and giving into her cravings only works because Shay’s incredibly dedicated to her workout routine. 

Most weeks, she hits the gym with her personal trainer at least three times. During those sessions, she runs through both strength training routines and cardio. 

She also enjoys hiking with her friends. Hiking is a great cardio and it’s a good way to catch up with your friends and family! :)


There’s not a workout that Shay DOESN’T enjoy doing. In fact, staying active is something she finds an absolute necessity. It makes her feel good while also making it easy for her to maintain her figure on those off-diet days.  

Here are a few of her favourite exercises she tries to incorporate into her weekly fitness regimen:

Her routines change depending on where she is and what she feels like doing that specific day. Her HIIT routines are particularly intense and she loves that about the workouts. 

Most of her strength training comes from doing bodyweight exercises. This helps her stay lean and tone up without adding unwanted muscle bulk to her frame. And by changing up her workouts and switching routines based on how she’s feeling, she never overworks a single muscle group. 

But those routines rely on one thing: staying in place. When she’s travelling, Shay can’t just work with her regular trainers or pick up a boxing class with Gunnar Peterson. She often has to get creative about the types of workouts she can squeeze in. 



During her travels, Shay loves being able to find new gyms in the area. When she’s in LA, she has a few personal trainers she’ll partner with while she’s in town and the same holds true for when she’s in NYC. 

But let’s face it…Shay travels abroad all the time. When possible, she tries to find hotels with fully-equipped gyms and makes a point to get a good workout in as often as she can. 

If the hotel she’s staying at doesn’t have much in the way of equipment, she’ll go for a run outdoors, run through one of her favorite HIIT routines in her room, or pull out her jump rope and get her heartrate up. 


Shay Mitchell’s diet and workout routine can be a bit tough if you’re a fitness newbie. She commits a lot of time to her workouts and stays consistent with her fitness goals every day. That’s part of why she’s so successful even when she gives into her cravings. 

But she’s also realistic when she’s setting her goals. So if you’re just starting a new workout routine or meal plan, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You don’t have to do it all at the same time. You can start by doing small things – adding protein smoothies or going for short morning walks to your routine. Every little thing counts so don’t give up! xx



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Images credit: Shay Mitchell’s Instagram

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