I’m sure I don’t have to talk about how bad sugar is for us. We are all aware of it now. Reducing your sugar intake will help you lose weight, but also stay healthy on the inside too. Here are some tips to help you eat less sugar without feeling like you are deprived and cutting out everything!

Cut out unnecessary sugar from smoothies

  • Avoid juices in your smoothies and opt for a creamy base – almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk or coconut water are great options.
  • Also try to limit sugary fruits and stick to lower sugar fruits such as berries, peach and kiwi. I LOVE bananas in my smoothies but I try to only have 1/2 banana and then load it up with berries.
  • Avoid smoothies with honey or agave or added sweeteners.

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Avoid fruit juice and dried fruit

Both of these have lots of sugar, but often without the added benefit of eating the fruit whole. Fruit contains fiber which helps you stay full; but you miss this when eating it in juice or dried fruit form. Often, juices are the equivalent of eating 5 apples – would you really eat 5 apples in one sitting? That’s a whole lot of sugar!

Read labels

I would try to avoid most packet foods. But I know it’s not realistic to avoid them ALL the time. If you are going to buy something in a packet, have a look at the nutritional value of a few different products and pick the one with the least amount of sugar.sugar food labels

Choose unsweetened dairy

Yoghurts and flavoured dairy products often have LOTS of sugar. Read the packet / labels and pick one that has less sugar. I try to find yoghurt that has less than 10g sugar per serve. Natural yoghurt should have around 6g of sugar per serve. And some varieties will have around 30g of sugar per serve! Just have a look for the unsweetened products – there are lots of them available these days.

Don’t keep sweet foods in the house

Instead of buying a block of chocolate at the grocery store, go out for an ice cream or some sweet food. You won’t be tempted to snack on it every day if it’s not there!cravings

Avoid energy bars and muesli bars

There are some varieties that are lower in sugar than others, but overall, it is best just to avoid them. There are healthier snack options out there!

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