Brazilian model Sofia Resing is known for her long legs, put-together attitude, and the swimwear company Mery Playa that she co-founded.

The model is constantly sharing her beach looks, runway vibes, and red-carpet glam on her Instagram. I love staying up-to-date with her, so I figured I would write about how she stays in such great shape for all her activities.

Her secret? Keeping her routine simple and staying consistent. She doesn’t do anything fancy — she just tries to eat a balanced diet and exercise about 4 times a week. I like her simplicity!

Here’s exactly what she does:


Sofia is all about balance. She enjoys a shake, fancy drink, or burger every once in a while.

Overall, however, she likes eating food with high-quality ingredients and tasty flavouring. She keeps her fridge full of fruits and veggies, alkaline waters, and kombucha.

Sofia is big about prioritizing her well-being, and food is a key part of that for her.


Sofia eats a lot of dishes from her home country Brazil. She says that if she could open any resteraunt it would be one full of organic smoothies and Brazillian açai specials!

One of the things she misses most from Brazil is the food. When she’s there, she regularly eats tapioca pudding or açaí bowls in the morning.

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Sofia makes fresh green juice in her New York home every morning. She likes to add in guarana powder for extra energy.

Guarana is a plant located in Brazil. Today, people drink powder from the plant’s seeds in hopes that it will give them more mental endurance, energy, and even fight obesity.

Sofia, as you might be able to tell, really likes açai. When she’s in New York, she likes to visit the Brazillian restaurant Casa. There, she might satisfy her bowl craving with an açaí fruit bowl served with organic granola and sliced banana. Sounds like an amazing way to start the day!


Nobu is one of Sofia’s favorite restaurants in New York City.

Nobu is famous for blending traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian food. The mixture means there’s a lot of heart-healthy, protein-rich fish with fresh vegetables and tasty spices!

So for lunch, Sofia may get salmon with teriyaki sauce served with miso soup, greens, and rice.

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For dinner, it is time for more vegetables and lean protein. Sofia likes eating at the restaurant Cipriani when she’s in New York.

There, she may get the chef’s suggestion: a house green salad. Another healthy option is grilled salmon served with fresh vegetables.

Sofia really prioritizes organic ingredients, and she likes to choose to eat organically whenever she can!


Sofia tries to eat healthy most of the time. She loves eating quality ingredients, and she values fresh food! For her, eating a balanced diet is the key to staying in such a beautiful shape.

Still, she does have treats every once in a while. For example, after a long day, she loves relaxing in the tub with a glass of wine (especially after she’s been traveling and is dealing with jet lag!).

Sofia also likes cocktails. She says everybody should try a mixed drink served with organic cold-pressed fruit juice at Handy Liquor Bar. She jokes that she feels like she’s on a cleanse when she’s drinking them. :)

Finally, Sofia says that everybody needs Shake Shack every once a while. This burger joint serves junk food like hot dogs, burgers, and shakes.


It is important to keep Sofia’s body type in mind when learning about her diet and workout routine. She’s naturally very lean, and she struggles to put on much muscle. Sofia is a true ectomorph.

I’m not surprised. Most models have this body type, especially if they’re runway models!

I always encourage ectomorphs to remember that, even though they can get away with some junk food (trust me, the rest of us are jealous!), they can still gain fat. Eating well will make EVERY type of body feel and look better! :)

I suggest that ectomorphs focus on eating:

  • 40-50% carbohydrates
  • 30-35% protein
  • 20-25% fats

You can learn more about my recommendations for ectomorphs here.

And if you don’t know your body type, check out my FREE Body Type Quiz :)

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Sofia says that working out 3-4 times a week helps her stay in shape and look good. As an ectomorph, Sofia is naturally pretty thin, but staying active makes sure that she doesn’t end up looking skinny fat.


Sofia seems to focus on HIIT-style training to get in her cardio workouts. She also loves to go hiking, and she leads an active lifestyle in general.

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Sofia typically works out with Milan Petrovic, who trains other models like Lara Helmer and Katrin Kaurov. Milan likes to put together circuit workouts and resistance training that works out multiple body parts in one workout.

Sofia typically doesn’t use very high weights. Instead, she uses a lot of resistance bands, body weight, or low-weight medicine balls.

Sofia isn’t very big, and her training style reflect that. She’s clearly trying to keep her body looking lean and perky.

Here’s a lower body workout that Sofia shared on her Instagram.

  • Leg lifts with pulses
  • Lunges with arm raise
  • Leg slides
  • Bridges followed by a crunch
  • Side lunge
  • Side leg lifts
  • Pushups on a resistance band

And if you prefer to work your whole body, here’s a full body workout that Sofia shared on her Instagram.

  • Jumping lunges
  • Side leg raises with a crunch
  • Crunches
  • Jump squats
  • Traveling bridges
  • Forward lunges
  • Backward lunges


When she’s in Brazil or taking some time off from her normal workout routine, Sofia still loves to stay active. She seems to be naturally athletic because she love to bodyboard, wake surf, and even snowboard.

All of these sports take a lot of coordination and core strength to do well! Her normal workouts probably make these sports a lot easier to do and more fun too!

Sofia also enjoys yoga, and she shares her flexibility with us on Instagram. Talk about #goals!


Sofia says that when she can’t get motivated she looks at Izabel Goulart’s butt pictures. That kicks her back into gear! Can anybody else relate? :)

I felt the same way after writing this piece all about Izabel’s routine! Both Sofia and Izabel are such inspiring ladies!


I like how Sofia keeps her diet and fitness routine straightforward. As a busy model and and a business woman, she probably doesn’t have a lot of time for working out or complicated cooking.

Instead, she focuses on working out and eating in ways that work for her lifestyle. She eats quality food and challenges her body with exercises that suit her fitness goals.

Her approach works! I love how open she is on social media and in interviews about doing what’s best for her! <3

Love Rachael xx

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