Let’s face it, losing weight can be hard. It’s difficult to stay motivated and one of the biggest challenges is in continually creating meals that you look forward to eating. Below you will find out the spices to spice up your fat burning and make your food extra tasty!

Even when you’re losing weight, food should be fun! 

Luckily the spice trade has been in existence for over 4,000 years; it can give your food the boost it needs. But, more impressively, a number of the most popular spices will actually have a positive effect on your weight loss goals and even your overall health! 

Let’s take a look at some of the best spices to spice up your fat burning .  


Although this spice is traditionally associated with the holiday season, it is a delicious addition to many dishes throughout the year. 

Cinnamon can boost your metabolic rate which will help you to burn more calories. This will help with your weight loss goals; especially if you focus on a calorie deficit (Read this if you need help calculating your daily calorie consumption)! :)

But research also shows that cinnamon can help to manage diabetes. It does this by helping to regulate your blood sugar levels.  

This is good if you have diabetes but better if you don’t! Regulating blood sugar levels will prevent the sugar hit you get from sugary products. This will result in a large release of insulin which encourages fat storage! 

spices to spice up your fat burning Cayenne Pepper 

This spice is hot! You’ll know that if you’ve ever tried it.  

But this is a good thing. Hot spices raise your core body temperature forcing your body to work harder to cool itself down. In this process it will burn more energy; if you are eating a healthy diet, this extra energy is likely to come from your fat reserves. spices to spice up your fat burning 


Most curries have an element of turmeric in them although there are many other dishes which this can be added to.  It has been suggested that this spice can help improve insulin resistance, reduce inflammation and even help with hyperglycemia. 

However, in terms of weight loss it has been shown to reduce and prevent the growth of fatty tissues in your body! This can obviously help prevent you from gaining weight. 


This is another spice which can really heat up your body, if you take too much of it! Ginger has been shown to help prevent obesity, diabetes and a range of other disorders especially those connected with the cardiovascular system. 

It does this by improving the flow of nutrients around the body which increases your calorific burn. The more calories you burn the more weight you can lose! 

It has also been shown to prevent blood glucose spikes, which reduces the amount of fat your body stores. spices to spice up your fat burning 


For years this has been known as an energy boosting spice. It does this by increasing your metabolism, allowing you to feel energized and ready for anything. 

But there is a secondary benefit to this increase in metabolism – your body will burn more energy and create less fat.  This will stop your weight from increasing. 

The boost in energy should help you exercise for longer and harder, also increasing your fat burning potential and helping you to reduce weight!  spices to spice up your fat burning 


You might start to notice that many of these spices are a little on the heated side, but the good news is you don’t need to add much to your food to gain the benefits from them. They can add flavor and health benefits without burning the back of your throat! 

Research completed by the Oxford Polytechnic Institute in England suggests that mustard can increase your metabolic rate by as much as 25% for up to 30 minutes after you have eaten it. This will certainly help to burn off any excess eating or can help to repair your muscles after a good workout. spices to spice up your fat burning 


Studies show that just 1 teaspoon of this spice per day can boost your weight loss achievements. It can assist you in losing 3 times as much body fat. You’ll lose weight and reduce your body fat percentage.

Even better, cumin has been linked with decreasing levels of bad cholesterol and a decreased risk of coronary issues! 

Just stir a teaspoon of this spice into your yogurt everyday to enjoy the benefits. spices to spice up your fat burning 

Spicing It Up 

These are the most potent spices for weight loss, but this s not a definitive list. There are thousands of different spices. Research is continuing daily but the benefits of natural alternatives are becoming clearer. 

However, it is important to remember that you should proceed with caution before radically changing your diet. Adding some of these spices will help with weight loss and improve your health, but attempting to take all of them every day is probably going to be too complicated. 

Remember, these are spices to spice up your fat burning but the real secret is to eat a balanced, nutritious diet. We are what we eat! 

If you want to try and eat more healthy and also lose some weight, I have a free 7 Day Lean Legs Meal Plan that is gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. It should help you lose weight but also help you learn how to eat more healthy :)

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Love Rachael xx

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    I’ve been following your blog for some time and have taken lots of your advice on both eating and exercise. I was a 6 day a week runner and did tons of classes (with squats! yikes!) but have cut down running and do steady state when I do run, and added in power walking and no squats for me anymore.
    That said, I think it’s high time I bought your book. Here’s the thing — i’m not sure if i’m an endomorph or meso? I took the quiz 2x b/c I didn’t think I answered frame question correctly. I do have a lean UPPER column — I’m a thin person overall but legs are big. I’m athletic and would describe upper frame as athletic. I can muscle very easily. Thoughts?

  2. Hi again! It’s not in my junk or spam and come to think of it I haven’t been getting any emails recently. Maybe it was because I was already subscribed then I saw the 5 secrets to lean legs and I subscribed to that too and it sort of resubscribed. I’m super curious and can’t wait to receive it! Maybe just resubscribe me I’m not really sure.
    Anyways, thanks

    1. Hi lovely, I just checked and it says the 5 lean legs secrets were all sent out to you. Please be sure to check your junk / spam folder just in case the emails have been getting sent there! xx

  3. Hi Rachael!
    In the e-mail from April 2nd you mentioned something valuable being sent the next day which I know to be your full length workout videos. However, I’ve been refreshing my inbox constantly and haven’t received anything and it’s April 4th today. There’s nothing on your blog or website about it and I really want to know more!

    1. Hi lovely! I just checked and my system says that the email was sent to you. Are you able to check your junk/spam folder to check that the emails haven’t gone in there? If you still haven’t received anything, please let me know! xx

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