butt workout

Perky Butt Workout

perky butt workout

This is a perky butt workout that will help you get a nice round booty without making your thighs bigger in the process. I really enjoy doing this type of workouts because they help me tone my butt without adding too much muscle to my legs. If...

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Butt and Ab Workout

butt and ab workout

This is my butt and ab workout that will help you get toned. This workout will target your booty but without targeting your quads. So if one of your fitness goals is to tone your butt without making your thighs bigger, you will love this workout....

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Bubble Butt Workout

bubble butt no squats

Hi lovelies, I wanted to show you some of my favourite exercises to build a bubble butt, without doing squats.  I know that a lot of women are told to do squats and lunges if they want to build their booty. But I also know that those...

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