When I was younger, I didn’t have a good relationship with food. I struggled with overeating, undereating, with being too strict with my diet and eventually with bing eating. Now, I tend to eat more intuitively and follow the 80:20 rule. In practise, that means that I eat healthy most of the time and eat what’s usually considered as “bad” or less healthy food.

I enjoy eating lots of veggies and prepare my own meals and I always notice that home cooked, healthy meals make me feel good. I also don’t restrict myself anymore and don’t think about food as being good or bad. I truly believe in that saying “everything in moderation”.

For a healthy weight loss, having a good relationship with food is super important but it usually doesn’t happen over night and it takes both time and effort.

If you want to start improving your relationship with food, I’ve prepared some tips for you below. I hope you find them helpful!

Love Rachael xx

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