For whatever reason, people tend to think of models as being the paragons of beauty and fitness. While many of them definitely are (we see you, Victoria’s Secret Angels), they’re not the only ones that maintain KILLER appearances.

Actors who also work as singers AND dancers (Selena Gomez, Jenna Dewan, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce) usually also have strict routines.

And Vanessa Hudgens is no different.

She got her start on film, but since then, she’s proven to be an amazing vocalist and an even more impressive athlete.

Vanessa takes her diet and workout routine as seriously as she does her career. Here’s what she does:


Vanessa likes to keep things relatively simple with her diet. She’s busy almost all the time, which means she needs plenty of fresh and unprocessed foods to give her tons of energy. 

She tends to avoid eating too many carbs and instead prefers to eat a lot of natural, plant-based fats. Think Keto diet levels of fat. This helps her feel full between meals and keeps her energy levels up whether she’s rehearsing, traveling, or getting a tough workout in.  

Vanessa used to follow a pretty strict diet, but recently stopped focusing on watching everything she was eating super closely. Instead, she incorporates intermittent fasting into her routine which helps her stay lean and keeps the weight off. 

But when she’s not fasting, she tries to keep things Keto whenever possible. This helps her feel full for longer and gives her body something new and different to keep herself from hitting a plateau.



Vanessa loves starting the day off with a protein-rich breakfast. She often fixes scrambled eggs (which are incredibly good for you) with spinach and tofu sausage. The combination of eggs, fresh vegetables, and plant-based sausage gives her the right balance of fat and protein.

Before she started following the Keto diet and fasting, she used to love to grab a slice of multigrain toast and spread a small amount of butter on the bread. Then, she adds low-sugar almond butter, Sriracha (yes, you read that right), and sliced banana. 

Since she embraced the Keto diet and intermittent fasting, though, breakfast isn’t always a priority. If she’s going through her Keto phase, eggs are a great option. But if she’s fasting, she’ll forgo breakfast altogether.


For lunch, Vanessa likes to grab a salad whenever possible. This gives her a chance to increase the amount of fiber she gets every day while also giving her a healthy dose of fresh greens.

She likes to vary things up and chooses a lettuce mix based on what’s in season. She’ll also add a lean protein like smoked salmon, chicken, or other lean fish to bulk things up. 


For dinner, Vanessa often eats whatever she feels like, especially after fasting. Her go-to indulgence is pizza and a glass of wine. But she’s also cook up a pasta dish with whatever type of sauce she’s craving.

That said, she doesn’t overdo it. She eats just enough to feel full rather than overindulging. She’ll follow it up with a fast to help her body process that meal without issue.

If she’s following the Keto diet instead, she typically has a repeat of lunch and makes a salad with tons of fresh ingredients.


She doesn’t tend to avoid specific foods, except for carbs. And there are some foods that she tries to incorporate into her diet almost every day. 

Those foods are avocados and almond butter. They’re both incredibly high in healthy fats and nutrients that make her feel fantastic whether she’s fasting or following the Keto diet. She often eats them as snacks throughout the day.

No matter what she’s eating, she always makes sure to have plenty of water throughout the day. Hydration helps her maintain her flawless skin and keeps her body ready to process nutrients and flush out toxins every day.

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It should come as no surprise that Vanessa keeps a strict workout routine every week.

Vanessa is somewhere between a Mesomorph and Endomorph body type and puts on muscle super fast. That’s right…there are no heavy weight lifting routines in her schedule. Instead, she likes to focus on cardio and bodyweight exercises to keep her muscles toned up and ready for everything she throws their way. If you want to find out what your body type is, check out my quiz!

When possible, she tries to work out every day, but sometimes she’s just too busy. During the weeks when she’s not too busy, she takes care to get in at least 6 solid workouts to keep her from derailing her progress.


For cardio, Vanessa absolutely loves going to SoulCycle classes. These classes last for about an hour to 90 minutes and have her riding a stationary bike through different paces and resistance levels. 

Cycling, whether you’re doing it in a guided class or out on the road, is an excellent way to improve your cardio health. It’s naturally low-impact so your joints should be able to keep up without getting overly sore.

SoulCycle can be intense and for Vanessa, it’s perfect. However, some mesomorphs and most endomorphs cannot do cycling without bulking up. For Vanessa, cycling works well but if your goal is to slim down your lower body without growing your thighs, cycling may not be the best choice.



Vanessa also loves doing Pilates every week. The movements help her focus on building strength without making her too muscular for her own liking. She tries to go to Pilates at least a few times a week. It all depends on the amount of time she has.

But since she’s been doing Pilates for a while, she doesn’t always have to do it at a dedicated studio. She can run through the exercises on her own when she’s traveling or at home. 


Vanessa tries to incorporate yoga into her weekly fitness routine as much as possible. She loves the way it makes her feel and uses it as a way to de-stress and relax her mind

Though she can do a lot of the moves on her own, and will if she’s busy, she loves going to guided classes where she can focus on her form and better improve her movements. When combined with Pilates and SoulCycle, she gets a complete whole-body workout.  


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Vanessa is an endomorph and bulks up very quickly. Since she doesn’t like the way it looks on herself, she does what she can to keep herself lean and toned. 

Bodyweight exercises do the trick perfectly, but she’s also careful to eat right for her body.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Vanessa’s diet and workout routine and if you have any blog post requests, let me know in the comments! xx

Love Rachael xx

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Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

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