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Victoria Secret Angels and supermodels are known for their killer bodies, but also for their rigorous exercise and diet regimes.

Their famous workout hashtag #TrainLikeAnAngel might as well be #TrainLikeAnAthlete.

I mean, just look at Sara Sampaio, Taylor Hill or Romee Strijd!

Yes, these girls are clearly blessed with amazing genes, but they also work incredibly hard to stay in shape all year round.

I recently updated my Victoria’s Secret Diet blog post where I gave you all the latest info on how the VS Angles eat during the year to stay in top shape.

And since you guys seemed to love it, I decided to do give you more detail on Victoria’s Secret model workout routines that popular VS models follow to prepare for the VS show.

(I’m so disappointed that we didn’t get to see the show last year, but I’m hoping we’ll get one in 2021!)

I have done a lot of research to learn exactly how the VS Angels stay in shape. And I did a lot of testing on myself to see what works and what doesn’t.

In this post, I’ve covered the examples of Victoria Secret model workout regimes and most frequently asked questions about their exercise program.

So, let’s get straight to it!


This varies depending on the model and what work they have coming up.

Most Victoria Secret models tend to work out almost every day (once per day).

But, before the Victoria Secret fashion show some of the girls (Barbara Palvin and Kasey Merritt) train twice per day. Talk about dedication!

Other models such as Candice Swanepoel only workout 3 times per week, and every day for 2 weeks leading up to Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

If you were to stick to Victoria’s Secret workout plan, I would recommend exercising 6 times per week and having one rest day.

I know that exercising 6 times per week may seem a lot, especially if you are a fitness newbie.

This is why you should work your way up to that regime.

Start with working out for 3-4 times per week and then gradually increase the number of your workout sessions.

And if you need a bit of a fitness inspo, check out this workout video of Candice. Booty goals!



Again, this may vary. If they are doing their regular workouts and not preparing for a super important event they’ll usually do a 1- hour gym workout.

If they are traveling, or just have a really busy day, these girls will do a quick 20-minute hotel room/home workout.

Here you can see a snippet of Sara Sampaio’s travel workout routine.

But, if they are preparing for something really important like the VS show, their sessions can last more than 2 hours.


The Victoria’s Secret workout includes a combination of:

  • Steady-state running
  • Cycling
  • Walking/hiking
  • Jump rope
  • Dance cardio
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Reformer Pilates
  • Boxing (super popular with the models!)
  • Kickboxing
  • Ballet / Barre
  • Circuit training with:
    • Lighter weights
    • Resistance bands
    • Ankle weights
    • Stability balls
    • Sliders / Gliding discs


A lot of models actually avoid heavy lifting (nothing heavier than 5-10 pounds – about 2-5 kilograms) to prevent unwanted bulk, but there are models that do the heavy lifting as well.

Keep in mind that most of the VS models are mostly an ectomorph body type (or an ecto-meso combination), meaning that they will actually have difficulties building up muscles and maintaining them.

I’ve talked about how 2 out of 3 female body types can get bulky (especially from lifting heavy weights), and ectomorphs are the ones that will be the least likely to do so.


Those that do the heavy lifting (Taylor Hill, Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver) combine heavy lifting with lighter exercises.

Check out this awesome bodyweight workout for arms and booty by Jasmine and Josephine (these two are seriously the cutest!).


Leaner physiques require endurance training, so the models do a combination of running, boxing, skipping, dance cardio and light spin classes.

Some VS models and angels, like Candice, usually do cardio a couple of times per week (2-3 sessions).

But others, like Bella Hadid or Romee Strijd, do cardio 5-6 times per week.

I’ve compiled a snippet of some of the cardio/high-intensity exercises that the models have been doing in the months leading up to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Watch the video below to see the exercises!


If you’re living in NYC, you might end up running into one of the VS models and Angels if you visit one of the gyms below.

1. ModelFit

A very popular place where Victoria’s Secret models break a sweat.

This gym has classes that focus on getting lean and toned, using very high rep, super light dumbbells, resistance bands, sliders, slant boards, ankle weights and different styles of workouts.

2. Dogpound 

This is an exclusive, Manhattan-based gym where a lot of celebrities including Victoria’s Secret models work out.

Unlike other gyms, you can’t just pay for a membership and use the open gym or classes.

The sessions are one-on-one ONLY and you’re working out with a PT. These personalized sessions usually start from $200-$500 per hour (depending on the trainer you choose).

3. Gotham Gym

This is their favourite boxing place where you can frequently meet Gigi Hadid blowing off some steam, or pop stars like Dua Lipa.

Check out their Instagram for boxing videos, including this badass session with Gigi Hadid kicking butt.

Now that we’ve covered your FAQs about VS workouts and their favourite gym spots, it’s time to cover their exact workout plans.



The Victoria’s Secret models do a variety of different arm workouts to help them get toned.

One of their absolute favourite arms workouts seems to be boxing!

It’s a great way to burn lots of calories and tone up your upper body without making it bigger. It’s also great for abs!

Besides boxing, the models use TRX, dumbbells, resistance bands, balls and bodyweight exercises for their upper body workouts.

Check out the video below of some arm exercises that the models have been doing over the past few months to get in shape for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!


  • The models do lighter weight / higher rep so keep your repetitions high.
  • Choose 6 upper body exercises (either from my list below, or the video of the models above).
  • Do them for 12-15 reps, or 45-60 seconds with minimal rest.

I have created a workout video of me doing the exercises listed below.


Note: if you don’t have ankle weights to hold, use 1kg dumbbells or household items such as cans, or do them without weights.


Most of Victoria’s Secret models absolutely love training legs and butt!

I have put together a montage of the legs and butt exercises VS angels and models have been doing in the past to get in shape for the show.

You can watch the video below – I promise it will motivate you to go and workout!


  • The models do lighter weight / higher rep so keep your repetitions high or do them for time.
  • A lot of the models also use ankle weights, gliding discs and a resistance band for their workouts.
  • Choose 6 lower body exercises (either from my list below, or the video of the models above)
  • Do them for 12-15 reps, or 45-60 seconds with minimal rest.

I have created a workout video of me doing the exercises listed below.



It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret models have AMAZING abs. And they work hard for them!

Having a flat stomach and abs comes from a combination of eating really well (abs are made in the kitchen) and also doing a combination of cardio, full-body workouts and targeted ab workouts.


As nutrition is super important, I have discussed the Victoria’s Secret diet plan in my blog post here.

You cannot get abs if you are on a crappy diet.

Here are some of the workouts VS models use to get a flat stomach and toned abs (watch the video below!).


  • Choose 6 abs exercises (either from my list below, or the video of the models above)
  • Do them for 12-15 reps or 45-60 seconds with minimal rest.
  • Or you can incorporate some of these abs exercises into a cardio or full-body circuit :)

I have created a workout video of me doing the exercises listed below (which you can watch at the bottom of this blog post).


If you like these types of workouts, check out my other workout videos here.


As you probably know, Victoria’s Secret Angels & models are all very lean, but also super toned.

Getting this desired slim, but toned look requires specific training.

After a lot of researching and experimenting, I’ve figured out what’s the best way to get this look lean and toned look.

The key is to combine cardio (steady-state cardio and low-intensity cardio) with a lighter type of resistance training (low weight + high number of repetitions).

So, if you really want to train like an Angel, I have something really special for you guys!

It is a 5-day full-length video course that includes my combined knowledge on how the most gorgeous woman in the world train their bodies to get lean and toned!

I decided to put together this free program to help you get started on the right track. You can download it below :)

[optin-monster-shortcode id=”tfemuahwazpsulxk9jad”] 


If you like this style of training AND you need a diet plan to follow that is tailored to your body type, you should check out my 3 Steps to Lean Legs program, which is designed to help you get slim and toned legs.

It combines cardio and resistance training, which is similar to the one that Victoria’s Secret models do.

It also has a complete, 8-week meal plan so you can be sure you’re eating healthy while you’re training.

And I have three different versions of the program, one for each body type. That way you can be certain you will get the best possible results :)


”I trained with a personal trainer 3 times a week and while traveling, I used to do Kayla Itsines’ SWEAT program.

However, my thighs continued to be a problem despite exercising like a machine (in fact, I started measuring them and the more SWEAT I was doing, the bigger they became).

With [Rachael’s] program, I started seeing the results almost immediately. I measured my thighs, butt and muffin top and I lost inches after first week!

Read Jeanne-Mare’s Full Review Of The Program Here


Here’s my 6-month transformation <3 I never thought I’d be able to lean out my muscles!! I have never felt happier & more confident with my body! Eternally grateful to you and your program!


This is only my 5-week progress, I was too eager to share the results with you. After years of trying other programs and even when I entered fitness competitions, I have never seen my legs this lean! I can’t wait to see my progress at the end of the 8weeks and again at the end of 16weeks after Round 2! Thank you and your lovely team. I am beyond grateful!


Rachael xx






Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

79 Responses

  1. Hi, I’m an endomorph, and I’d like to lose fat and stuff and so I checked this out but most of the models seem to be ectomorphs and some of the workout stuff they do actually make me bulkier so what should I do?

    1. Hi lovely,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Here are some general guidelines for the endomorph body type. You will learn what type of workouts and diet is best for you. :)

      Also, you can check out our 3 Steps To Lean Legs Program which is designed to help you get slim and toned legs without causing any unwanted bulkiness. It is tailored to your body type to help you get the best and fastest results! :)


    1. Hey lovely,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      That’s a great aspiration! Feel free to practice Rachael’s workouts and I hope you’ll enjoy them! xx


  2. When you say 15 reps it means 15 times? And you said or 60 seconds which i guess should equal 15reps? So if you say do 6 ab exercises like this, then isnt it only for 6mins???? How do the models fit in 1 hr of only abs?

    1. Hi lovely <3
      If the exercise is, for example, a crunch, you would need to get up and go down 12-15 times OR get up and go down for 45-60 seconds without rest. When you do all 6 of the exercises in this way, you've completed a set (you can make small breaks between different exercises, of course) and you can repeat these sets multiple times to fill in the time - it doesn't have to be an hour, it's just a recommendation and how long their practice usually lasts.
      Good luck hun! xx

  3. thx this was very helpful to know about there work out bc I want to be a Victoria Secret model I read your other article about Victoria secret models that was helpful too thx❤??

  4. If my pressure is low and I occasionally faint what would you recommend me to do as an everyday training?

    1. Hi lovely,
      Please seek professional guidance from your doctor before starting the program if you have issues with exceptionally low pressure.
      For further support from Rachael, please join the Lean Legs Training Club where you can ask her any questions you want and how to modify the program to suit your needs.
      Being a member of the Club while doing the Lean Legs program will ensure that you get the best possible results as you get a more personalized fitness and nutrition advice.
      And you also have access to a community of like-minded and supportive women to help you too!
      Here’s the link to the Club
      Love, Lean Legs Club support xx

  5. I run on the treadmill about 1 hour and a half with speed 6 .
    Thats really exhausted.But I really want to lean and toned.Because of my last operation in last 2015, I can’t very intense training myself.
    I workout 15 mins crunches,20 mins yoga and 15 mins leg raises (each leg),10 mins plank,3 pounds weight training ewith arms and treadmill running .But my arm fat doesn’t lose but slowly lose.Can you give me advice about arm exercises?? Pls

    1. Hi lovely,
      You can find all you need to know about losing arm fat in another blog post that where it`s explained more about slimming down your arms. Click here to read it.
      If you want more information Rachael will be happy to help you every step of the way in her ebook which you can find here.

  6. Hi Rachael,
    I just want to say that I found your post very informative so thanks :)
    I would love to be able to run 2 1/2 miles in a month if possible… I am already quite a good runner but I don’t really think I could do that in a race. I am also very self conscious about my body so how can I loose belly fat and be able to do the running?
    I don’t have a gym but I live next to a park where I can do lots of running/workout and some equipment (eg weights, Pilates equipment) so what would you recommend?
    Thanks so much and I can’t wait to hear from you!
    Erin xx

    1. Hi lovely,
      Unfortunately, I am receiving so many messages that I just can’t get to everybody anymore. I’ve tried to provide as much free information on my blog as I can. I hope you understand :) xx

  7. Hi Rachael,
    I have an endomorph body type and I noticed that running for 30 min bulks up my quads. What should I do instead of the run that is still high intensity but won’t bulk up my legs?

    1. Hi lovely, that really is a tough one because most high intensity cardio works your legs. I would either try swimming or boxing! But low intensity cardio will still get results so you could always just stick to walking. Good luck xx

  8. Hi, I build muscle easy and want to tone my legs and reduce thigh and calf size. It’s really cold out now and I have stationary bike and not a treadmill. Would using the bike on super low resistance for longer period of time be a good idea? I really want to lose fat and tone my legs but can’t afford to build any more muscle! TIA :)

  9. I like your blog, and I get what you’re doing for mesomorph types, but to say that the VS models exercise like this is straight up wrong information.
    The angels especially ALL lift heavy!
    I check up a lot on their instas and youtube for workout ideas (see JoJa on insta for e.g.), they all want to build muscle. Their whole thing is curves are sexy.
    Case in point:

    1. Hi Caroline, this blog post is actually a couple of years old now so you’re right in that it needs an update! I do follow all the angels and check out their programs and in the last few years lots of them have been doing more weights! They do a combination of both lighter and heavier weight training, and most of them have the goal of building muscle which is great! But most of them are also ectomorph body types so getting “bulky” or overly muscular is VERY difficult for them, nearly impossible. Anyway, I appreciate your view! xx

  10. hi Rachel
    what would you suggest doing in the kickboxing class if i wanted to do it at home since i have all the equipment?? also was wondering does this help lose weight fast??

  11. Hi Rachael..So,I’m skinny,and I want to gain weight..But I have problem that I’m skinny and I have saddlebags and love handles,and dip hip.Can you suggest some eating program and exercises?Sorry for my English :)

  12. Hi Rachel,
    I want to make my legs more lean and toned and also reduce a particular problem area I have under my bum and on the side of my upper thigh (cellulite and extra fat!). Unfortunately with my body type, I carry more weight at the bottom and the top half of my body tends to be very slim, so when I try to work my legs I end up becoming slimmer at the top which I don’t want. Do you have any tips for getting around this, in particular my awful problem area?

    1. Hi Mase, it depends on what you are trying to achieve. Walking uphill burns lots of calories so can be great for weight loss. But if you want to avoid building too much muscle in your legs, then maybe it’s not the best exercise. So it’s up to you! xx

  13. Hi Rachael! A recent subscriber who absolutely loves your well-researched blogs, but I have a question: in your Workout Summary, are the sessions back-to-back? For example, on Monday do I, ideally and with the goal of having a lean but toned (not too muscular) physique, do a 30-minute full body circuit immediately after a 30-minute run? Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi JC! Sorry for my very late reply – I just returned from my wedding and honeymoon. You can do them back to back or split them up into 2 workouts – it’s really up to you! :) Good luck xxx

  14. Hello Rachel do recommend a 17 year old girl do this and if I do will this hurt my chances of growing taller. Since I haven’t had my growth spurt yet or stopes growing.?

    1. Hi Amber, yes it should be fine for a 17 year old. I don’t think it should affect your growth at your age. But I would just try to do 4-5 workouts per week maximum xx

  15. Hi Rachel umm would you recommend this workout to someone who has muscular legs. By doing this workout will I be able to get slim get tone legs like the Victoria secret models. I use to be underweight but after doing track, and volleyball for 2 years my body became muscular and I think I changed I’m not sure but what would my body type be since sports changed my natural physic.

    1. Hi lovely, yes I think these workouts would be suitable for someone with muscular legs. From your description, it sounds like you are probably the mesomorph body type. The good news is that you can slim down and become more lean and less muscular :) Also, please have a read of my blog post on how to slim down muscular legs xx

      1. Rachel sorry again but how long would you say that I will lose my muscle and obtain Victoria secret legs

        1. Hi Charity, I can’t really give you an answer because it depends on your current body shape, how much weight/muscle you’ve got to lose, etc. But I would say it will take around 4-8 weeks to start to notice a difference in your legs! xx

  16. Hi Rachel,
    I’m 5’4 and weigh 118 pounds. I’d say I’m a mesomorph. I’d like to lose 5-8 pounds and my quads are larger than I’d like. I haven’t done any exercise in over two years and believe it or not, my quads are smaller than they have been in years. That said, they are not toned, and I’m not happy about this. I absolutely love running and even though I haven’t run in two years, I can still run 8-10 miles if I do it at an 11 minute per mile pace. I plan to run for an hour 3 days a week and walk 3/4 days a week for an hour (plus) each session. I’d also like to incorporate doing Mary Helen Bowers- Ballet Beautiful workout for my resistance training. Her work uses your own body weight and targets the inner/outer thigh and butt with high reps.
    I’m going on a vacation in 4 weeks and although it will ultimately take longer than 4 weeks to accomplish my long term goal, I’d like to work really hard (via diet and exercise) to see what kind of progress I can make before my trip. So basically, with cardio (walking or running), the Ballet Beautiful Resistance Workout and the Ballet Beautiful Stretching Workout, I’d end up spending 2 hours a day working out 6-7 days a week. Is this too much or if I’m willing to put in the effort, will I see faster results?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Lacy, if you can fit it all in, then I don’t think it’s too much. But I would try to separate the running and ballet sessions so they’re on different days if you can. 4 weeks is a good amount of time and you can definitely get some noticeable results before then if you’re dedicated. Good luck lovely! xx

  17. Hi! I’m a stay at home mom and live in the middle of nowhere with little to no equipment. How can I do my cardio especially to get lean toned legs inside?

    1. Hi Tiffany, that’s a tough one! The best cardio to lean out your legs is walking and running. You could always try skipping or jogging on the spot or high knee runs. They won’t be as effective, but it’s better than not doing them :) Or just try to walk as much as you can around the house. Maybe you could buy a pedometer so you can track how many steps you’re doing. Even just walking around the house counts :) xx

  18. Hi Rachael
    This bog post has been so helpful. I have always struggled to lose weight and put it on easily (I think I’m an endomorph). However, this year it have been working really hard. I cycle to and from work (15 km each way) and then do some form of hiit or interval training perhaps 3-4 times a week, plus Pilates once or twice a week but my thighs are getting pretty big. I have been advised to avoid doing too much cardio and to do sprints/hiit instead but I don’t want to bulk up!
    Help? Should I be looking to do more long, medium intensity cardio? Do I need to stop cycling or would staying in a really low gear help avoid muscle gain?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Becky, I wouldn’t stop the cycling just yet. I would perhaps adjust your HIIT / interval training to be less focused on legs. I know lots of HIIT exercises include burpees, jump squats, etc which add muscle to your thighs. I would keep the resistance training but focus more on these type of workouts (in the blog post) and things like boxing / swimming. I wouldn’t do sprints as these will bulk you up. Have a read of this blog post on how to do cardio interval training to prevent you bulking up. And I would add in 1-2 runs per week if you can – keep it at medium to high intensity. As fast as you can manage for a longer period of time really. Good luck! xx

  19. Hi Rachael. I had a look at your resistance video on You Tube with the 17 exercises. I am ectomorph and currently steady run for just over 30 minutes 4 x a week. Those days I do 3 different weights of 6 sets 10-12 reps. They are not very heavy (10kg-25kg) The other three days I walk for an hour in the morning and swim for 20 minutes and then do another walk for 40 minutes. If I was to follow your ectomorph program for skinny legs (which is my obsession) when would the 17 exercises resistance program come in and what could I replace to do those exercises. I have ankle weights and will use paper plates for sliders.

  20. Hi !
    I have a mesomorph body type, should I still be doing HIIT training or more steady cardio. I noticed my quads have bulked up once i started to exercise on the daily.

    1. Hi Brittany, I would do more steady state cardio, especially if you are noticing your quads bulking up. I recommend the HIIT sprinting (more like long distance sprints) only once per week and the other sessions steady state. BUT you can do all steady state cardio if you need to :) xx

  21. Hi Rachael,
    From your experience, does chest exercises make breast to appear bigger or will it make a flat chested woman look masculine? Some says it tones that area but I have a friend who’s already thin and she lose a cup size when she started lifting.
    Please enlighten me. :)

    1. Hi Gerlie. No, not really. Chest exercises might make your pecs a bit bigger but not enough for your breasts to look different. Lifting weight will help you lose body fat and unfortunately breasts are fat so most women tend to lose fat here. There’s not much you can do to really change the size of your breasts through exercise unfortunately! They have a mind of their own :) xx

  22. Hi there, I’m not able to run since my joints get sore very easily – how long should I substitute walking for the run portion of this plan?

    1. Hi Ash, I’m sorry to hear that! I would make sure you’re doing lots of power walking to help keep your legs slim. And do some other type of high intensity cardio such as swimming, cycling or the elliptical xx

  23. Hi Rachael!
    Thanks for these blogs. I’ve really found some great info from them. Question: In Kayla Itsine’s BBG guide, she recommends LISS or low/moderate sustained cardio to be done separately (not in the same session) from the resistance/circuit training if done on the same day. For example, doing LISS in the morning and resistance training at night. Do the workouts you recommend follow this as well, or is it that the models do 30 minutes of cardio then straight into 30 minutes of circuit training?

    1. Hi Michelle, I recommend doing the LISS after a HIIT workout or first thing in the morning (because it burns more fat this way). From what I’ve read, the models do their circuits and LISS together. I’m assuming Kayla recommended it this way so it is less intense on your body xx

  24. ¿Can you tell me in wich of these days can I add somo butt slimming workouts? And about the kickboxing class, ¿how can I do that alone?

    1. Hi Gema, you could do the butt exercises in the full body circuits. Kickboxing is better to do at a gym, but you could always have a look at some at home youtube videos to do some boxing or kickboxing at home! xx

  25. Hi Rachael – love your blog. Extremely informative!
    Would the weekly workout you mention above work for an endomorph? Also, is it possible to be a mix of an ectomorph and endomorph? My upper half is extremely thin and my bottom half is bigger…just curious if I am both an endomorph and ectomorph.
    can’t wait to hear from you!
    Thanks Rachael!

    1. Hi Salina, sorry I will add the macros. For an endomorph I would suggest around 20-25% carbs, 45-50% protein and 30% carbs. Your body type sounds like a tricky one. I would suggest you might be a mix of ectomorph and mesomorph, but depends on how much bigger your lower half is. If it’s significantly bigger, then perhaps you are a mix of mesomorph and endomorph. I hope that helps! xx

  26. Great blog post!!! Gonna try out your recommendations. Thanks for doing this series. Always curious how the VS models achieve those gorgeous bodies:)

  27. I loved reading this entry! I do like running outside but I’m not the best runner and sometimes stopping for a few minutes to collect my breath (I do continue walking when this happens) and I have a gym in my building that has a treadmill and elliptical but I much prefer the elliptical when it comes to the gym. Would the elliptical be able to count as cardio? At what speed and such?

    1. Thanks Jessie! :) That’s OK if you stop / start while running. That’s a great way to build up your cardio fitness so you can eventually run non stop. Elliptical definitely counts as cardio but will build more muscle on your quads (at the front of your legs) compared to running xx

  28. If for cardio, I plan on running at my pace but occasionally stop to walk, is that alright? And would the elliptical be a good form of cardio? What resistance?

    1. Hi Sadie. That’s OK if you stop / start while running. That’s a great way to build up your cardio fitness so you can eventually run non stop, so keep it up! :) Elliptical is also a good form of cardio but will build more muscle on your quads (at the front of your legs) compared to running. I personally never use the elliptical xx

      1. What if I’m trying to lose leg fat? Because I saw more fat loss in my shoulders/collar bone area and now slowly my arms and belly but my legs are slow. Will the elliptical help slim them or should I just stick to running?

  29. Hey rachael, I was wondering the same thing as Sanne. Is it also ok to do hiit? For example: 1 min of running and 1 min rest?

    1. Hi Dani, I answered Sanne’s questions so see below! HIIT is also great but will build a bit more muscle in your legs. I would suggest doing this once per week maximum and other runs should be steady state xx

  30. Hi Rachael! First of all I wanted to say that your blog rocks! I really enjoy reading all of your posts. Although I have one question considering this post. If you run for like 30 minutes on a steady state, what should your speed or include be?

    1. Hi Sanne, thanks so much! :) I suggest doing all running on a flat surface so incline of 0% (or better yet, run outside). Speed depends on your fitness really. I usually do my steady state runs between 11.5km/hr and 13km/hr starting at 11/5km/hr while I warm up and then slowing increasing speed bit by bit xx

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