Yes, models are genetically blessed. But these days, models train very hard and eat very healthy to stay lean and fit. They don’t starve themselves like a lot of people think they do. And they know a thing or two about looking their best!

Just like anyone, models can put on weight too. So like us, they need to be mindful of what they eat and keep up a regular exercise routine.

Here are some weight loss tips that I have found from some of the world’s best models, and their trainers and nutritionists.


Elsa Hosk

Elsa stays motivated by thinking about the way she feels when she works out. “I sleep better, I’m happier, I’m able to do my job better, and I make healthier choices.”

And she doesn’t deprive herself! “I generally always eat what I want. When you work out a lot, you can afford to eat more because your body’s metabolism is higher. I like healthy food and prefer that anyway, but if I want pizza or a can of Coca-Cola every once in a while, I’m going to have it. I just try to have a few slices and that’s it.”

Candice Swanepoel

Candice’s favorite type of workouts are ones where you don’t actually feel like you’re exercising, such as swimming in the ocean and playing paddle ball. This is a great tip! Next time you want to catch up with some friends, why not do something active outdoors, rather than just catching up for coffee or a movie.

Diet wise, Candice says – “I like to eat fresh, organic food, and lots of fruit and vegetables. If I eat something that’s not fresh, I feel it immediately, so I crave good food.”

Martha Hunt

I actually loved Martha after reading about her approach to workouts, food and body image.

Food wise, Martha doesn’t deprive herself. “I think it’s really important to indulge on the holidays. We all deserve that. The more you worry, the more it’s a problem. I think everyone’s relationship with food is all about giving your body what it wants and what it needs.”

Martha on body image – “We all have insecurities. Don’t focus on them. Your self worth has nothing to do with your body. All female bodies are beautiful and unique. Your mind is more powerful than your body, so never stop working on that.”

A few other tips from Martha – she eats breakfast as soon as she wakes up, her favorite healthy snack is a smoothie, and she doesn’t focus on how many calories she burns, but does workouts that make her feel amazing.

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Lily Aldridge

Lily orders pre-made meals from a NYC based company called Sakara. The meals are plant based, gluten free, dairy free and organic. Having your meals prepared for you will make it easier to eat healthy and means you’ll be less likely to choose something unhealthy

There are many other type of food prep services available now so if you’re sick of thinking of healthy meal ideas or doing the groceries, cooking and washing up, it could be worth checking out! I used to do the same thing in Australia, and it really helped me stick to healthy eating.

Heidi Klum

Heidi lets herself indulge and regularly eats McDonalds burgers and fries! She’s big on eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetable and protein. So she eats fast food when she’s craving it or in a rush.

Heidi on body image – “I’ve always felt great about my body. I’ve always been very confident, and I still am.”

She also sleeps 10 hours per night and knows the value of sleep!

Kelly Gale

Kelly eats dark chocolate every day and doesn’t feel guilty about it. She says it’s her favourite thing in the world and can’t stay away from it! And she also loves cooking and cooks almost everything she eats. This is a great tip because you always eat much healthier (and probably less) when you cook yourself rather than going out for food!


She’s also a huge advocate for walking, which I love because I’m all about walking too!

Miranda Kerr

Miranda’s tips for snacking – “I always try to carry healthy snacks with me that are easily transportable, like fresh fruit, nuts and seeds.”

Miranda’s approach to eating out – “Sometimes you can’t avoid eating something that isn’t so healthy, if that is all that is on offer, but I try to make sensible choices most of the time, so I don’t give myself a hard time if I have something a little naughty.”

And if you want to look like these girls and train like them, I have a workout challenge that will help you achieve that model like look. The challenge lasts for 5 days and it’s completely free.



James Duigan

He trains Rosie Huntington Whiteley, as well as Elle Macpherson and Lara Stone (he’s based in London).

James says it’s about eating and chewing slowly.

“Chewing properly liquidises food to ensure your body can digest it efficiently and absorb maximum nutrients. As it takes time to register you’re full, take a 20 minute break before your next course and you might feel you don’t need any more.”

He also suggests that you eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up.

“Always eat within an hour of waking up. After going without food for hours during the night, the body is ready to refuel.

Putting off eating or missing breakfast altogether slows down your metabolism and can lead to sugar cravings and long-term weight gain.

What you eat first thing will determine what your body wants for the rest of the day so avoid sugary cereals and pastries and make healthy choices always including some filling protein.”

Justin Gelband

Justin trains Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss, plus many others! His advice is to focus on nutrition.

“85% of what you do is eat. Although exercise is important, maintaining a healthy weight is not just about exercise. It’s important to find the right type of foods that suit your body.

Food is absolutely number one. When I sit down with anyone to discuss their workout regimen, the first thing I say to them is, ‘The one thing I really want you to concentrate on now is limiting the amount of things you are putting into your body that you do not need. No sugar (except for berries), no salt, no alcohol, limit your carbs.”

I hope these weight loss tips from models have given you some tips and motivation! :) xx

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