When you’re on a mission to exercise and get fit, you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, getting the right partner to work out with can be an awesome motivational tool for you. Here you can discover more reasons why you need a workout buddy!

Let’s get started!


According to a recent study from Stanford University, a little nudge in the right direction can do wonders for your motivation.

The participants in the study received a call every two weeks and were asked questions about how much exercise they did, how they could exercise more, and why they skipped any missed workouts.

That simple phone call boosted the number of exercise participants engaged in by about 78% on average! And having a face-to-face support buddy is even more powerful than a phone call. With that extra support, you’ll find yourself exercising more frequently. why you need a workout buddy

More Fun

Are you often bored with workouts? Exercise doesn’t always feel fun or exciting; in fact, it can feel dull and monotonous at times.
why you need a workout buddy

With a workout buddy, however, the fun factor may improve! Pick someone that you enjoy hanging out with, and chances are you’ll enjoy the workouts a lot more.

New Ideas

When both you and your workout buddy are tired of your current routine, you can experiment with some fresh ways to get fit. With a friend at your side, you won’t feel as intimidated if you try a new gym, test a new piece of equipment, or attend a new class.

You can help each other learn fresh workouts and unfamiliar techniques to make your fitness journey more challenging and interesting.


You shouldn’t compare yourself to others when it comes to weight loss or fitness; but at the same time, a little healthy competition can be great for your motivation!

Choose a partner who is a little more fit than you are, or who excels at a specific area of fitness. You’ll challenge each other to work hard, keep trying, and reach those goals.


And the last reason why you need a workout buddy, last but very important, is safety! If you’re bench pressing weights, doing squats, or performing certain core exercises, you need someone nearby to spot you, hold your feet, or help you in other ways. Your partner is there for you, and you can assist her as well.

If you like to go running in the early mornings or evenings, take your buddy with you. Going as a team is safer than running by yourself.

What to Look For

When you’re looking for the perfect workout buddy, remember to select someone you like and someone whose companionship you enjoy.

Try to find someone more fit than you, but not so fit that they’ll be way ahead of you in everything. That might become discouraging.

Your workout goals should also be similar— for example, you both want to lose body fat, or you’re both working on leaner legs or well-toned arms.

Choose a person with a good attitude, good dedication, and who will respect your time and the workout schedule that the two of you have set up. Also, make sure you two create a habit out of it. Choose someone who knows the importance of routine.

Have you found your perfect exercise partner? Got any suggestions for other women who are looking for a workout buddy? Share your tips in the comments.

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