When I was younger, I was very reluctant to skip the gym. However, after I’ve tried it, I realized why some people prefer working out at home. If you’re not convinced, here you can read about why you should skip the gym and work out at home.

You’ll save time

Indeed, going to the gym seems like a purposeful, positive thing to do. Unfortunately, it’s time-consuming to pack up everything you need and drive to the gym. And in a world that seems to be moving faster every day, each minute counts! Because of that, saving time is the main reason why you should consider working out from home.

Did you know that 67% of people with a gym membership never use it? Some studies claim that the number of unused memberships is even higher, around 80%. It’s no wonder that numbers are this high when you think about an average person day.

why you should skip the gym and work out at home

When you have work to complete, errands to run, and family or friends to hang out with, taking out the extra time to go to the gym might be literally impossible— at least if you want to stay sane and get a good night’s rest.

Working out at home means that you can be ready for a workout in just a couple of minutes. Also, after you’re done, you’re just a couple of steps from your own shower. 

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You won’t have to compete for equipment

Sure, you might not have the same range of available equipment at home— but at least you won’t have to wait in line to use a treadmill or elliptical!

Pick your favorite type of workout equipment and invest in a home model. Or, you can simply use workouts that don’t require special machines.

why you should skip gym and work out at home

Check out my tips on how to set up a great home gym on the cheap.

You’ll save money.

Still wondering why you should skip the gym and work out at home? Well, there are also financial reasons.

Even if you invest in a piece of gym equipment for your home, you’ll be saving money in the long run. Think about the expense of a gym membership, the gas you use driving there and back, and the money you spend on extra-cute gym clothes.

When you work out at home, you don’t need to spend any of that— which means more money in your wallet for other things you like to do.
why you should skip the gym and workout at home

You won’t be as distracted

Both your gym and your home are full of potential distractions, but being at home gives you more control over those distractions.

At the gym, you’ll face distractions like crowded conditions, overly chatty workout neighbors, annoying music or TV, waiting for equipment, and other people’s body odor. Yes, that can be a distraction too!

At home, you may have kids, a significant other, or a to-do list to distract you. Just make it known that your workout time is sacred, and schedule a TV break or backyard playtime for the kids while you exercise.

Find a space in your house where distractions are minimal, put on your favorite tunes, and get moving!

You’ll skip the extra germ exposure

Reason number 5 on why you should skip the gym and work out at home is germ exposure. Gyms are teeming with germs. It’s not a germophobe thing— it’s just fact. The handles of those machines? They’re crawling with viruses and bacteria. The floor and all the equipment have been exposed to the sweat, breath, and spit of other people, all day long.

Yes, it’s gross— especially during those times of the year when the flu and the stomach bug are making the rounds. Why add yet another source of germ exposure? Unless you feel like lugging around a half gallon of sanitizer, skip the germy gym and stick to home workouts.

If you’re interested in training at home, check out some of my fun, effective workouts. You can do these exercises with little to no equipment. Also, they are just as effective as the workouts you’d get on gym machines.

From toning muscles and lifting your butt to attaining great abs and leaner legs, you can do it all in your home or backyard!

Rachael is an Australian born certified personal trainer and nutritionist who holds a Bachelor degree in Science.

After struggling for years to find an exercise and diet program that is tailored to women striving for lean and toned body with no bulk she designed her Lean Legs Program. This program is tailored to each body type and focused on helping women get toned but feminine bodies, without getting bulky.

Her mission is to empower women and help them stay in shape in a healthy and balanced way.

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