Not getting the booty exercise results you are aiming for can leave you feeling like you should be joining Saggy Butts Anonymous, rather than reaching for that sexy new bikini you bought last year.

While you may not be striving to be as ‘Bootylicious’ as Destiny’s Child, you may be wondering how can I increase my glute strength? How can I get a perkier butt?

Getting the right butt exercise results is the #1 thing that I see girls struggle with. Either they are quad dominant or hamstring dominant, and they do not know how to change this. Any attempts to build a perky butt just results in their thighs getting bigger.

What are you talking about Rachel?

My bad, let me explain.

When you are quad or hamstring dominant, it means that you transfer the force of your workouts into these areas instead of your butt, so you do not see the booty exercise results that you should.

If you have ever finished a booty workout and found that the next day either your hamstrings or quads are suffering, then you more than likely fall into this category.

Or, you could be suffering from sleepy butt syndrome…butt exercise results

What is sleepy butt syndrome?

When you sit for extended periods of time (as is extremely common in many lines of work), your booty can fall into a kind of ‘booty amnesia’. This is otherwise known as sleepy butt syndrome.

Your gluteal muscles ‘sleep’ due to being inactive and overstretched, and other parts of your body such as hips, shoulder and pec muscles become overactive to compensate.

This can transform into your workouts, and we can relate this back to being quad or hamstring dominant as well.

Not activating your glute muscles effectively means that other parts of your body do all the hard work, and your butt just gets… well… lazy…. and you have consistently weak glute muscles.

How do you know if your glutes are not activated?

As I mentioned earlier, you will certainly know if you are not activating your glutes if you wake up with sore hamstrings or quads after a butt workout.

You may also have that tired and achy muscle feeling in your butt after prolonged periods of sitting.

And now I hear you asking – “how do you work your glutes?”

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How to activate your glutes

Focussing on contracting your glute muscles is key when you are doing butt-focused exercises.

Taking a moment to tense and contract your butt before and during exercises will help activate your booty.

One glute activation exercise that you can do whenever you are standing around is this:

  • Stand with your knees slightly bent
  • Focus on your glutes and use them to lift one leg out to the side. If you are not feeling it in your butt, then try again.
  • Lower the leg slowly, still working your butt. Then change legs. Do a set of 15 for each leg.

You can try this exercise while cooking dinner, or even in the morning while you are waiting for the kettle to boil.

Some great exercises that you can do for butt exercise results are:

  • The clam
  • Single-leg glute bridges
  • Superman flutter kicks
  • Straight leg hydrants

butt exercise results

What does glute activation do?

Glute activation ensures that it is indeed your glute muscles that are working. Unless you are powering the movement you are doing through the glutes, your body might rely on your hamstrings or quads to do the hard work.

Glute activation helps you fix hamstring domination or quad domination problems.

Some other things you can do to help are:

  • Including hip bridges and glute isolation movements into your workout warmup.
  • Focussing on mind-muscle connection
  • Doing glute isolation exercises at the end of your workout.
  • Working with a foam roller to reduce quad tightness

You may also want to consider booking a session with a personal trainer, so they can check if you have any bad workout habits that are letting you down.

What is the best booty workout?

I’ve had a bunch of questions from my Lean Legs girls and Instagram followers about specific butt isolation workouts. Girls tend to ask what exercises lift your buttocks and what exercises make you bum firmer.

Well, luckily for you, I have two great bootylicious workouts that you can start today! Check out my booty workout for women, and my butt lift workout.

These workouts are short and include great isolation exercise for your booty. They are easy to do in the comfort of your living room or bedroom too!

I recommend doing these workouts 1-2 times a week, and you should start seeing results within a couple of weeks.

And if you want a little more help, have a read of my mind-muscle connection blog post. This will give you a better understanding of mentally connecting with your muscles for more effective workouts.butt exercise results

Now, what are you waiting for?

Now that you have a better idea on how to get those butt exercise results you have been dreaming about, it is time to get to it.

And please do not forget, you are beautiful no matter how big or small your butt is, and no matter how many songs about big butts you hear!

Have a bootylicious workout!

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  1. Hi, love all the info here but wondering what is recommended for keeping my bum small( I know mot woman want a big bum) I want to keep it fitting into my pants but not increasing it but keeping toned and firm

    1. Hey lovely! Spot-reducing isn’t really possible so for you to slim down in specific areas of your body, the best way is to lose overall weight. You can do this by following the right type of cardio and resistance workouts for your body type and eating at a calorie deficit. :)

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