Christmas Workout

Hi lovelies, Here’s a super quick 15 minute at home workout that you can try over the Christmas holidays! It’s a full body circuit that’s kinda half way between a low and high-intensity workout. It will definitely get you sweaty and burning calories, but it’s not as...

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Toned Back and Arms Workout

Hi lovelies, This is a back and arms workout for women you can do at home. It will help you tone your upper body without making you too muscular. This workout is super quick and you can do it with very little equipment. You just need some resistance bands and a...

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Waist Slimming Workout For A Tapered Waist

Hi lovelies,  Here you have a waist slimming workout to help you get a tapered waist.  You can do it at home and you'll need just a little bit of equipment. :) But I should also remind you that you cannot spot reduce fat. If you want to get a slimmer waist...

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HIIT Workout for A Slim and Toned Body

I love doing HIIT! It burns lots of calories in a short amount of time, it even burns calories AFTER you're done working out and it helps you build muscle tone. But if your HIIT routine includes exercises like squats, burpees and lunges, it may increase the size of...

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Quick Booty Workout – For Perky Bottom

Hey lovelies, Once again I have the sweetest workout buddy and an awesome workout for you - a quick booty workout. This is a super quick booty workout that you can do literally anywhere. I love doing this type of exercise while I’m cooking dinner or in between TV...

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Ab Burn Workout – Feel the Burn

This is an ab burn workout featuring my favourite little guy Homer who seems to be enjoying this very much. :) This workout focuses on lower abs and outer thighs. It will help you strengthen your core, tone your lower abs help and tone your outer thighs. The lower abs...

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Full Body Workout – Let’s Get Lean

Full body workout for all my lovelies! I LOVE exercises that you can do at home with no shoes on and no equipment. You can do it at the gym, at home or even in your backyard or on a balcony. BODYWEIGHT RESISTANCE TRAINING Resistance training is an important part of my...

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Booty Burn Workout – Lift and Tighthen Your Booty

Raise your hand if you'd love to have a perky bottom! Well, I have just the right type of workout for you - booty burn workout. Since I know that a lot of women prefer a leaner look (myself included), this booty workout doesn't include workouts like squats and lunges....

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Full Body Home Workout

Here you have a full body home workout which you can do without any equipment although a yoga mat helps. :) This is the type of training where you use only your body weight to provide resistance. BODYWEIGHT RESISTANCE TRAINING I love resistance training! When I first...

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