Waist Slimming Workout For A Tapered Waist

Today I have a waist slimming workout to help you get a tapered waist. You can do it at home but you'll need just a little bit of equipment. Save this workout, give it a try and let me know in the comments if you liked it! HOW TO COMPLETE THE CIRCUIT Don’t forget to...

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HIIT Workout for A Slim and Toned Body

HIIT workouts are great but they can make you bulky. Especially if you don't know your body type and then you do the wrong type of workouts. But not this one! This is a HIIT workout for a slim body that will help you tone up without bulking. And it will help you burn...

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Quick Booty Workout – For Perky Bottom

Hey lovelies, once again I have the sweetest workout buddy and an awesome workout for you - a quick booty workout. This is a super quick booty workout that you can literally do anywhere. I love doing this type of exercise while I’m cooking dinner or in between TV...

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Ab Burn Workout – Feel the Burn

Ab burn workout featuring my favourite little guy Homer who seems to be enjoying this very much. :) This workout focuses on lower abs and saddle bags! Let's get those killer abs together! HOW TO COMPLETE THE CIRCUIT Complete each exercise for 30-45 seconds. If it’s a...

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Full Body Workout – Let’s Get Lean

Full body workout for all my lovelies! I LOVE exercises that you can do at home with no shoes on and no equipment. You can do it at the gym, at home or even in your backyard or on a balcony. It will take you only 10 min to do it and you'll feel your whole body...

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Booty Burn Workout – Lift and Tighthen Your Booty

Raise your hand if you'd love to have a perky bottom! Well, I have just the right type of workout for you - booty burn workout. This home workout that requires no equipment whatsoever will help you lift and tighten your butt. However, a yoga mat and some...

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Full Body Home Workout

Today I have for you a full body home workout which you can do without any equipment although a yoga mat helps. :) I know a lot of women tend to focus on some particular part of their body in their workout routines. However, I also know that you shouldn't forget to do...

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Outer Thigh Workout

Summer is practically here and if you feel a bit insecure about how your legs are going to look like in those short shorts, don't be! Here you have an outer thigh workout that will help you feel confident and good about yourself. I use a gliding disc for this workout,...

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15 Minute Park Workout

This is my quick and fun 15 minute park workout. As you can tell from the title you can do in the park or even in your backyard if you have some extra space. It mostly focuses on upper body and abs but it will work your entire body.  Of course, you won't bulk up from...

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