Full Body Home Workout

Today I have for you a full body home workout which you can do without any equipment although a yoga mat helps. :) I know a lot of women tend to focus on some particular part of their body in their workout routines. However, I also know that you shouldn't forget to do...

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Outer Thigh Workout

Summer is practically here and if you feel a bit insecure about how your legs are going to look like in those short shorts, don't be! Here you have an outer thigh workout that will help you feel confident and good about yourself. I use a gliding disc for this workout,...

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15 Minute Park Workout

This is my quick and fun 15 minute park workout. As you can tell from the title you can do in the park or even in your backyard if you have some extra space. It mostly focuses on upper body and abs but it will work your entire body.  Of course, you won't bulk up from...

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Oblique Ab Workout

Here you have a fun oblique ab workout. Train your abdominals but don't forget the obliques. :) This workout will tighten your core and help you look leaner and slimmer. Give it a try and let me know if you like it! :) Enjoy! xx WATCH THE WORKOUT VIDEO HOW TO COMPLETE...

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Full Body Resistance Workout

This is a full body resistance workout - it will tone up your body without making you look too muscular. This type of workout is designed to give you a leaner appearance :) What's great about this full body resistance workout is that you can do it anywhere seeing that...

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Butt Lift Workout

This butt lift workout will help you lift and tone your butt, without adding size to your thighs! HOW TO COMPLETE THE CIRCUIT Complete each exercise for 30-40 seconds. Complete 2-3 rounds, and try to have as little rest as possible. I use a set of gliding discs for...

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Ab Workout

This ab workout is focused on your lower abs and inner core. I use a gliding disc for this ab workout and I'll put the link to the gliding discs that I use below. If you don't have gliding discs, you can just use small towels or paper plates. Enjoy! xx WATCH THE...

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Lower Ab Workout

This lower ab workout will help you strengthen your core and tone up your abs! The lower abs are generally the hardest to engage and tone up, this workout however will help guide you to getting the perfect amount of definition without the bulk! HOW TO COMPLETE THE...

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12 Minute Booty Workout

This booty workout will help you get a perky butt, without making your legs bigger. You just need a table to keep yourself balanced, and a gliding disc. I'll put a link to the gliding disc I use below. But if you don't have one, you can just use a paper plate or a...

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