Booty Burn Workout – Lift and Tighthen Your Booty

Raise your hand if you'd love to have a perky bottom! Well, I have just the right type of workout for you - booty burn workout. Since I know that a lot of women prefer a leaner look (myself included), this booty workout doesn't include workouts like squats and lunges....

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Full Body Home Workout

Here you have a full body home workout which you can do without any equipment although a yoga mat helps. :) This is the type of training where you use only your body weight to provide resistance. BODYWEIGHT RESISTANCE TRAINING I love resistance training! When I first...

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Outer Thigh Workout

Here you have an outer thigh workout that will help you feel confident and good about yourself. A lot of women tend to naturally store fat in their hips and thigh. So it might be a bit harder to target those areas. This workout will help you slim your outer thighs but...

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15 Minute Full Body Workout

This is my quick and fun 15 minute full body workout. I couldn't resist going outside for this one since it was a such a sunny day but you can do it at home if you want to :) This is a full body workout that will make you sweat :) Of course, as with all of my...

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Oblique Ab Workout

This is an oblique ab workout you can do at home. You don't need any equipment except maybe a yoga mat. :) When it comes to losing tummy fat, you should always remember that you cannot spot reduce. If you want to lose belly fat you should do a combination of cardio...

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Full Body Resistance Workout

This is a full body resistance workout - it will tone up your body without making you look too muscular. This type of workout is designed to give you a leaner appearance :) WHY YOU SHOULD TRY BODYWEIGHT RESISTANCE TRAINING I know that so many women are told to do...

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Butt Lift Workout

This butt lift workout will help you lift and tone your butt, without adding size to your thighs! If you want to get a perky butt but without growing your thighs you should avoid exercises like squats and lunges. Don't get me wrong, I think these exercises have some...

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Ab Workout

This ab workout targets your lower abs and inner core. It requires very little equipment so you can do it practically everywhere. No excuses, my lovelies! :) I use a gliding disc for this ab workout and I'll put the link to the gliding discs that I use...

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Lower Ab Workout

This lower ab workout will help you strengthen your core and tone up your abs! The lower abs are generally the hardest to engage and tone up. But this workout will help you get the perfect amount of definition without the bulk! It is super quick and as most of my...

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