Zoë Kravitz rose to fame through her role in Big Little Lies, and, more recently, she starred as Selina Kyle in The Batman. Zoë’s been very upfront about what her recent role means to her. She’s struggled at times with her mental health, and sometimes that’s meant she’s been afraid to take up the space she’s earned. Because of this, Zoë felt empowered to play a strong, complex character in The Batman

One of the mental health challenges Zoë has faced relates to her self-confidence and body image. More specifically, Zoë began struggling with an eating disorder at 13. 

As an adult, she’s often felt like, in order to be accepted in Hollywood, she had to look a certain way. Zoë reminds herself, and her fans and audience members, that she isn’t on-screen to look pretty.  In addition to all that, filming during the pandemic took a toll on her mental health, too. 

At times, Zoë has trouble knowing how to stay healthy while also getting into tip-top shape for her characters. She believes that beauty comes from within, and it is part of the attitude one reflects to the world. 

She considers both her diet and her workouts to be a form of self-care, but she’s also careful not to go overboard mentally with them. Here’s what she does to feel her best inside and out: 

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Zoë Kravitz Diet

Zoë grew up in a home that she describes as “hippie.” Her family was vegan, and they ate a lot of vegetables, fruits, and other plant-based foods. 

Zoë doesn’t stick to that exact diet today. In fact, one of her favourite foods is an egg! However, she still likes to be very mindful about what she’s putting into her body and where her food comes from. She will occasionally eat processed food, but she likes to avoid it as much as possible. In addition, she doesn’t eat a lot of meat. 

As you’ll see, Zoë likes to eat out. She’s a busy woman who doesn’t have a ton of time to cook after all! It can be challenging to find meals that are healthy while going to restaurants, but she likes to pick places that focus on quality ingredients and lots of vegetables. 

Zoë also likes to make sure she is drinking plenty of water throughout the day. 

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What Zoë Eats for Breakfast

Zoë loves starting off her day with a cup of tea. She typically makes chai tea with almond milk and honey, but she loves matcha too. Occasionally, she’ll have a cup of coffee, but she drinks less of it than she did when she was younger. She typically drinks at least three cups of chai throughout her day. 

Her ideal breakfast is toast, avocado, and eggs over easy. However, she also makes quinoa bowls for breakfast. Sometimes, she’ll add eggs, avocado, and sriracha to her bowls. Other times, she sticks to kale and squash, which is what her mom often made her for breakfast as a kid. 

She loves eating out for breakfast when she gets the chance, and she often picks vegan restaurants. Some of her favorites are Souen and Cafe Magador. She also really likes the dosa sandwiches for breakfast at Hampton Chutney Co.  

Zoë takes the following supplements every day: fish oil, vitamin B, vitamin D, and a probiotic.

What Zoë Eats for Lunch

One of the most important things to Zoë is making sure she eats plenty of steamed greens and vegetables, and she often makes sure she has these for lunch too. One of her favourite places to grab a tasty, healthy meal at is Lovely Day in Manhattan. There she might order their salad with wild arugula, baby greens, crunchy sprouts, apples, cashew, avocado, and miso agave ginger dressing. 

Every once in a while, Zoë craves junk food like McDonald’s. She doesn’t mind indulging every so often, but she really prefers to stick to food that makes her body feel good.

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Light pink headline 7 days Meal Plan.png

What Zoë Eats for Dinner

For dinner, Zoë loves both Thai food and sushi. She likes to eat out for dinner, and one of her favourite New York-based restaurants is Shalon Japan in Brooklyn, which is a restaurant that mixes Japanese and Jewish food. At Shalom Japan, she might order Sesame Temomi Mazemen, which is served with shiitake mushrooms and a soy-marinated egg. 

Snacks and Treats

When she wants a quick snack, Zoë likes to opt for something with chocolate or peanut butter in it. 

When she’s out for friends, Zoë likes to drink wine, whiskey, or sake. She isn’t a big fan of sweet drinks!

30-Day Detox

Zoë believes that good skin, hair, attitude, and general beauty start from within. In one sense, she means that confidence, trust in oneself, and positivity make a difference! But she also focuses on making sure her gut feels good too. 

Every year, Zoë and her mom do the Dr. Shultz 30-day detox together. The cleanse focuses on eating meals that are good for your bowel, your liver, your kidneys, and your gallbladder. 

If she skips the Dr. Shutlz detox, she likes to make sure she takes at least one week a year to eat raw, natural foods. She feels this helps her body process everything else she eats throughout the year. In fact, she calls it a vacation for your gut. :)

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Zoë Kravitz Workout Routine

Zoë has always been in great shape, and she always likes to incorporate fitness into her daily life. In fact, she likes to work out in the morning so that she doesn’t skip exercise. :) Despite being in great shape, Zoë still had to spend about two months in London working out and preparing for her role in The Batman. Talk about commitment! 

Here are some of the exercises Zoë does on a regular basis: 

Cardio Workouts

Zoë doesn’t like to complicate her cardio workouts. When the weather is suitable, she loves going on hikes, and she also is a fan of running. But, when she doesn’t feel like either of those options, she will also do the elliptical at the gym for about 30 minutes. I’ve found it can be easier to be consistent when you keep your workouts simple. :) 

After she does a cardio session, Zoë really likes to take steam showers or baths. She finds them relaxing! 

In addition to doing planned cardio sessions, Zoë is on her feet a lot of the day. She lives in New York City, and she walks and takes public transportation most places. Incorporating walks into your daily life can make a noticeable difference to your health. For instance, if you can, consider walking to pick up your groceries or to meet a friend. :) 

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Resistance Training

In general, Zoë likes to save the gym for the elliptical machine. When she wants to strengthen and tone her muscles, she prefers to do so at home without a trainer. To Zoë, working out is “me time,” so she likes to do it by herself. 

At home, she focuses on doing resistance workouts, like basic leg strengthening moves. She also makes sure to stretch at home on a regular basis.

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Wrapping Up

I love how straightforward Zoë’s workouts are. She prioritises keeping her step count up with plenty of cardio and walking throughout the day. She supplements this with straightforward, at-home resistance training. That sounds similar to what I do too. :) 

In addition to having a workout routine that works well for her, Zoë eats in a way that supports her physical and mental health, especially given her past struggles with an eating disorder. I admire Zoë’s courage to face her disorder and to take care of her entire self. 

Love Rachael xx 


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